Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 Year in Review: Life

I wrote last week about my running year in review. It kind of sucks to have ended the year resting because I like to get a couple more runs in between Christmas and New Years, but it is what it is. This post is a life-in-general review.
Happy New Year! This was how I rang in 2017. Anyone else eat sauerkraut for good luck?
This year, Matt and I celebrated six years of marriage. As the year ended and we shared our New Year's kiss, I told him, "I'm glad I'll be spending this year with you," and I meant it. I feel very lucky to have such a supportive, loving, understanding partner in my life.

This year, I turned 30 years old. I was excited to turn thirty and it felt like a milestone at the time, but now I'm not sure what the fuss was all about!
Signing my name on the banner for my birthday race!
This year, we made major progress on our kitchen...and that post will be a separate one because I have some big, fun updates on that subject! This was our first major new-house DIY overhaul and it was frustrating and daunting at times, but I'm glad we've experienced it.
More to come!
This year, Matt competed in Chattajack for the second time and placed 3rd in his division. This was our only "vacation" in 2016; we need to try to travel more in the future.

This year, I earned a job promotion and stepped out of the classroom. I love my new job and find it very fulfilling. I still miss the students at times, but I enjoy working with teachers and supporting them!
In my new office with my cool new radio.
This year, Matt realized a long-held dream and opened Upriver Ceramics. The other night, as we hung out in the studio - he was glazing and I was doing my nails - I looked over at him and said, "Do you ever just stop and think about the fact that you had this dream and now you're really doing it? Really making ceramics again?" It's just surreal and awesome!
His Etsy shop is open if you're looking for belated holiday gifts ;)
Our year wasn't all good. Nana's passing and my grandma's lingering poor health were difficult hurdles to overcome. Life will continue to have its ups and downs, and I've been feeling the downs lately (actually, going through my old posts I saw that pattern beginning as long ago as April. I hadn't realized I'd been struggling for so long), but it's good to step back and review the whole year and see that, really, there were highlights worth focusing on.

I know 2017 will bring more of those, and I hope to put my energy into enjoying those moments so I don't fixate so much on the lows.

What went well for you in 2016?



  1. You did have some great highlights, Ali! I'm glad you like your job. :) I am really dreading going back to work tomorrow... as always... Your kitchen looks so awesome. I love the white. We did have pork and sauerkraut on NY. I thought that was just a PA tradition but I guess not!

  2. Your kitchen is amazing and I will definitely be back to read more about it when you post it!

    I am glad that you had some positive highlights in 2016. Afterall isn't that what we are all striving for?

    I hope 2017 goes well for you Ali!

  3. Your kitchen is beautiful, Ali! I look forward to your post. Thanks for the recap and Happy New Year!

  4. Total kitchen envy here right now!! What I could do with all that space!!

    What a beautiful year!

    I'm really sorry to say this, but sauerkraut has never been my thing... I love cabbage, but sauerkraut is completely different!

  5. I could totally eat sauerkraut for good luck. As it is, we were traveling over New Year's, so when we came home I made an Epiphany pecan pie instead.

    I am so very happy about Matt's studio. Since my best thing about 2016 has been really committing myself to my writing, it makes me happy to see someone else realizing their creative dream in such a big way.

    We have a lot of house things that need to be done and are totally overwhelmed by the thought of doing them - I'll use your amazing kitchen rehab as motivation to make ours happen.