Sunday, December 11, 2016

Weekly Workouts 12/5-12/11

Monday: Volleyball game. The girls had a definitive win to close out the regular season!

Tuesday: 3.33 miles in the morning (we had to cut it short from our usual 4 due to timing) and the first round of volleyball playoffs in the evening. (We won against a team we haven't beaten in the 8 years I've coached the team, so it was a huge deal.)
Wednesday: Round two of volleyball playoffs (another win)!

Thursday: Volleyball practice and 4 miles over the bridge. My calves were bugging me again.
Friday: I ran solo because I was attending Shabbat with friends and needed to be done early.
My calves were still bugging me. Is it all the volleyball? I'm beginning to think it's my Benadryl! Maybe it dries me out like Mucinex, which gave me really bad leg cramps during Space Coast. I'm going to cut out the nightly Benadryl and see if that helps.

Saturday: some much-deserved rest.

Sunday: I woke up throughout the night having trouble breathing - lots of asthma issues - and my calves were still sensitive when I woke up at 5:30, so I backed out of our morning run. I ended up stretching and foam rolling...I'm not thrilled to have missed a long run, but it's important to get my calves and body back in order so I can continue training.

Total Miles: 12.

I'm loving volleyball, and I'm so proud of my girls for moving on to quarter finals this year, but I'm a little ready for it to be over so I have time to actually cross train. My arms and core are desperate for some work!



  1. Still having trouble with the calves? That is not cool! Do you do any calves strength stuff? Roger has me do calves raises with weights, it has helped some. I hoe you find something that works for you!

    Congratulations on the Volleyball victory!! That is amazing!

  2. Oh no, I hope the calves get better. My good friend has Asthma issues and it really bothers him running in the cold, but I guess you don't encounter that much, no? hope things feel better and you can sleep through the night.

  3. Good job to your volleyball gals!! I'm sorry about your freaking calves.

  4. So cool that the volleyball team is going to the quarterfinals! I played volleyball in high school but was awful at it. :(