Sunday, October 16, 2016

Weekly Workouts 10/10-10/16

Monday: Because I took Sunday off to give my legs extra rest, I didn't feel bad about squeezing a run in on an "off" day. The weather finally broke - it was 72 in the morning - so I went out for four miles in the evening.
Funny story: while paused at a stoplight, I heard my name. Elizabeth was driving by! So funny!
I started out much too fast and really paid the price for it. I need to remember to moderate my pace better on training runs!

Tuesday: It's been awhile since Elizabeth and I worked out at school! I put together a little circuit using some moves I've seen on Instagram and it turned out to be a really solid full-body workout.
Wednesday: Our last run before the Sanibel 10k! My goal was to take it very easy, even if that meant walking...which it did. We did 4 miles at about 10:16 pace, not including two times we walked a bit and I paused to stretch my right calf. (One of my walk breaks was because I had a weird stomach-cramp and thought I might need an emergency bathroom stop! Yuck!)
lol...there's a bug right in the middle of my forehead!
I actually felt really good and solid after this run, and the next day my legs felt excellent!

Thursday: Rest! I did some downward dog and planks, but nothing that would count as a workout.

Friday: Rest - race day tomorrow!

Saturday: The Sanibel Race for FISH 10k! I'd been looking forward to this race, but it just didn't go my way. I missed all my time goals. More on that later this week.
The highlight of the day, of course, was that Elizabeth enjoyed the race and did really well! I don't know if she's hooked on racing yet, but she's agreed to run a half with me in January!

Sunday: Rest and recovery.



  1. Oh I hate when I feel like I need a potty stop during a run!
    Sorry the race didn't go your way but I hope you at least had fun!

  2. Bummer about the race not going your way, but sometimes that's just how it goes. :( You'll have other opportunities to hit your goals! And how great that now you have a friend to run a half with you (and train with you)! :)

  3. I agree with Karen- it did seem like it was the perfect set up for your race! I am glad Elizabeth had fun at her first race... and she is doing a half with you! Yes I guess she is hooked!?

  4. Congratulations on your 10K! You went out there and gave it what you had! And that is pretty amazing in my book!! Congratulations to Elizabeth too!

    oh, how exciting for your half marathon!!

  5. Congrats on getting out there and giving it your best shot! I get very frustrated when races don't go my way after hard training, but not every race will be a good one. It just makes the PRs and good races that much sweeter! Awesome that Elizabeth will be running a half with you!

  6. As someone who has had way too many races this year where I just couldn't hit the paces I wanted despite nothing being wrong, I understand how frustrating this is. It sucks, and it's not fair when you've done the work but your legs just won't show up for you on race day.

    While it's unfortunate your goal race didn't go the way you wanted, you still have had a lot of success this training cycle. It may not have come the way you expected, but it showed up. You ran two huge, surprise PRs in the 5K. I almost wonder if those races went better for you because you weren't putting as much pressure on yourself and weren't as afraid of the distance. Or maybe 5K is just a stronger distance for you! You may not have gotten the outcome you wanted, but you can at least say you've learned a lot and can point to areas of growth. Sometimes that's all we can ask for.