Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Five Stages of Getting Sick

Blame it on traveling or the back-to-school-plague that's gripping our students, but I woke up this morning and it had all caught up with me. I'm sick.

As usually happens when I come down with my first cold of the year, I had to process it before I really accepted it.

Stage 1: Denial
*Upon waking* My throat hurts. I can't swallow. Everything feels like glass! Maybe it's post-nasal drip. Maybe it's allergies or a dry throat from moving the bed right under the AC. Yeah, that's probably it. It will feel better after I eat breakfast.

*Examining the back of my throat in the mirror* It doesn't even look that red. If I have orange juice before my coffee I'll feel better in a matter of hours. That's how vitamin C works, right?
Work. Faster.
Usually by now it would feel better if it were just allergies...

No but seriously, I feel fine, this is all in my head.

Stage 2: Reluctant Acceptance
Why is it getting worse? This isn't fair. I'm a healthy person!

I want a popsicle.

Stage 3: The Blame Game
What did I do to deserve this?!

This is what I get for breathing recycled air trapped in a plane with a bunch of coughing old people.
This is what I get for letting kindergarteners hug me.
This is what I get for talking with Elizabeth about how gross kindergarteners are. Karma!
This is what I get for eating junk food all weekend and destroying my immune system.

Stage 4: Regression
I want soup.
I want ice cream.
No, soup.
Why won't anyone make me soup?
I moved the furniture around on Tuesday afternoon and as a result, Matt and I switched sides of the bed. I think this was a mistake!
Why doesn't Matt care that I feel icky?

Stage 5: Denial, Revisited
I should go to bed early...but I'm sure this is just a 24-hour thing.

So honestly, I feel okay enough that I could have worked out today, but on top of my sore throat, the top of my right foot and my ankle have been a bit achy today. I think I've pushed my limit of working out without properly stretching so I took today off with the intention to foam roll and really stretch. Neither of which I've actually done yet. But there's still time.

I'll be using this random day off to my advantage. Hopefully soon my calves, ankles, and throat are all feeling right as rain!

Do you go through denial when you start to feel sick?
Do you have to sleep on your side of the bed?



  1. I am so sorry you are sick. I got really sick on Sunday and finally today I am feeling better. It was horrible. You have so accurately described the stages! I get mad that I'm a "healthy person" too... so why am I sick?? Oh yeah, I come in contact with hundreds of students a day...

    I agree, kindergarten is gross.

  2. Oh no, I hope you feel better soon. All of my friends in education have gotten sick over the last week. Even my friend that works at Stetson has gotten sick. At least you don't have to stand in a classroom all day while feeling crappy this year! Aside from being sick how are you liking your new position?

  3. #1. Enough with blaming old people and young people. Everyone shares their germs.
    #2. When you're feeling better, get your flu shot.
    #3. Awww, you need your Mom. She says drink lots of fluids, and that includes hot tea with honey (good for your throat). A tablespoon of whiskey doesn't hurt, either. Sleep!

  4. "If I have orange juice before my coffee I'll feel better in a matter of hours. That's how vitamin C works, right?"<-- This is me every single time I start to get sick!

    what is going on with your calves and ankles?

    I think all kindergarteners are sticky... except for my son, who is now in 2nd grade and is almost always perfect!

    I hope you are feeling better soon!

  5. Yes, I totally go into denial, but I also rarely get sick, so in my case the denial is a good approach.

    And yes, I have my side of the bed, and this cannot change. Ever. Even when we're traveling.

    1. I shouldn't say I rarely get sick, rather, I'm not usually sick for long or badly, so it works to go on as if I weren't, and maybe just baby myself a little.

  6. It's funny you talk about sides of the bed. When I was married, my husband and I switched sides once...nothing was the same...we were cranky and we fought more...switched back...and everything was better! Definitely switch back. LOL

  7. Oh no! Feel better soon! I bet it's tough being around all the kids and their germs. Had to laugh about karma for saying they're gross though!

  8. I hope you feel better soon!! I was getting a little bit of a feeling that I was coming down with something, but I seem to be okay...hate when I start feeling stuffy at night. I go through the phases just like you, lol. I need to hit the foam roller for my calves too! Rest up! <3