Friday, August 26, 2016

Runfessions: Cleavage Sweat & Secret Gloating

Today I'm linking up with Marcia for Runfessions!
#1: Let's start with something weird. A long time ago I read a "catwalk secret" about using deodorant in odd places to prevent sweating when you're trying to look nice. Since then, I've made it a habit to put deodorant on my chest where my bra band sits; it seems to prevent chafing and control my cleavage sweat a little bit!

#2: I am so damn happy that I'm not marathon training this year. Every time I see a long-run post I think, "Glad that's not me!" I was worried I'd feel left out or grumpy about it, but I'm actually over here gloating that I get to sleep in on weekends and most of my runs these days are done in under two hours.
Short runs, I love you!
(You can call me on this next time I decide to run a marathon.)

#3: Earlier this week I was cooking a very healthy dinner of spaghetti squash and shrimp when Matt texted that he wanted burgers. It took me all of 10 seconds to abandon our healthy dinner plan. Sometimes you need a little junk in your life.
Gluten free Philly burger and a banana foster milkshake? Squash and shrimp didn't stand a chance.
#4: Despite posting some really awesome songs last week, I've gotten a little bored of my usual GooglePlay stations and have been totally rocking out to embarrassing music on the "90s Crowd-Pleasing Hits" station this week.
I used to think "Bitch" was the coolest song ever.
#5: I'm actually really glad the Olympics are over. I loved watching them, but I was getting oversaturated! True story: I'm already sick of seeing people post about them - can we just move on?!

That's all I've got! What are you runfessing this week?



  1. Ok I'm totally trying the bra deoderant thing. You are one lucky girl to not be marathon training through this summer. I am this close to bagging mine and doing the half. Thanks for linking!

  2. I never heard of the deodorant/bra thing!

    Okay, Runfession: I had absolutely ZERO interest in the Olympics and I was sick of hearing about them from the very beginning. I don't like sports, and I'm not going to magically pretend to like them for 2-3 weeks or however long they last.

  3. Haha, my husband was totally into the Olympics but I think it was an excuse to watch TV. It's like dude, you never had any interest before in basketball, cycling, or vollyball, and now all of a sudden you are glued to the couch I admit I do like watching the gymnastics but only cus I was a gymnast and always followed those girls from the 90's and 2000's.

    I'm glad I'm not marathon training too!

  4. I'm not sure I can ever get sick of the Olympics, sorry -- but I didn't post a whole lot about them!

    I actually don't use deodarant. Or antiperspirant. They basically just don't do anything for me.

    I'm planning a little junk tonight. Well, not really, just a bigger meal than normal. 10 miles, after all. :)

  5. I'm glad they are over too...I was staying up way too late to watch Track!

    I love the deodorant idea!!!

  6. I'm going to try the deodorant trick for sure!

    I was sad that I didn't get to watch the gymnastics this year, but oh well. There is always You tube for those.

    If anybody says burger, I'm there!! no shame on my burger game!

  7. Haha about #5!!! I loved the Olympics this year!!! :)