Tuesday, May 10, 2016

"Spartan Fit!" & Giveaway

Today I'm linking up for TOTR with Erika at MCM Mama Runs!
Alright guys, you know I'm not really an OCR type of runner. I think people that run them are freaking amazing, but I'm so worried about getting injured for road races that I've never taken the leap to try one. Montana is my go-to expert on the subject and Janelle ran Tough Mudder this past year; they seriously impress me.
Recently, Spartan Race reached out to me about Joe DeSena's new book, Spartan Fit!, which is his sequel to his NYT bestseller Spartan Up! If you haven't heard of Joe DeSena and you're looking for inspiration and no-excuses motivation, his is the voice you want in your head.

Obviously I'm a big reader and I love books that make me want to get up do more; that's why I'm excited to get my hands on a copy of Spartan Fit!
I'm especially excited to test out the 31-day workout plan and the full-body workouts. Since beginning to work more on cross-training, I've been constantly looking for new at-home workouts - especially at-home workouts that don't require tons of equipment!
Click here to read the first chapter.
Who knows...maybe this year of short distances will prove to be the best time for me to finally try out Spartan. I find it so impressive, and it would be something new and awesome to add to my repertoire. What's next after marathons? Ultras and OCR, right?

Spartan has generously given me a free entry to any continental-US Spartan race (open heat), and I'm going to share it with one lucky winner. Just enter to win below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
I'll post the winner this time next week. And if you feel like you need to sign up for a race right now, you can use the code SPARTANBLOGGER to get 10% off any race.

Good luck!
Have you ever done a Spartan Race before?
What's your favorite kind of motivational reading? I love a good underdog story, especially a true one.



  1. Good luck with this! I've never had any desire to do a Spartan race but I bet being a spectator would be really cool!

  2. Pretty much I would be nervous about any of the obstacles, but it would be a fun challenge!

  3. Ohh I can't wait to hear how the 31 days of training goes! I'm too scared to do a Spartan Race but very interested in the training they provide!

    Adam did Tough Mudder a couple of years ago, but he hardly trained for it. Since he already does MMA training and weight lifting he was pretty confident that he'd be able to do the obstacles without any issues. His biggest concern was the running portion since it covered about 11.5 miles, so he worked up to a training run of 5 miles (which is the min. TM recommends). It must be nice to be so confident in your athletic abilities you do the bare minimum! hah! Spectating at TM was really awesome and motivating! I wish Adam would do another one but it was after that day that he officially retired from running LOL. (He prob should have trained to run more than 5 miles!!!) He finished in 2:48 including obstacles which still impresses me!

  4. What is OCR? I feel stupid that I have no idea what that stands for! I never did a Spartan but I did two Warrior Dashes. They were fun but I can't believe I didn't kill myself in the process!

    1. Obstacle Course Racing. Warrior Dash counts :-)

  5. Obviously it's awesome that you're doing a giveaway and thanks for the shoutout! I hear so many times that the main reason road runners don't do OCR's is that they are afraid of getting injured, and I have to say I rarely see or hear of injuries on the course. It's very hard to get a serious injury (I get lots of bruises but that's about it) unless you aren't being careful. Like you said to me about my marathon post poning- there may be other reasons for you not to do one, but I don't think that should be one of them ;-)

    OCR's are an amazing display of teamwork and camaraderie and they are a great place to test yourself and see how strong (mentally and physically) you really are. Spartan has penalties for skipping obstacles, but most of the other races don't, so if there's something you really don't feel comfortable doing, you can just walk around it. That training book should be an awesome addition to the strength training workouts you're doing now!

  6. Having just done my first OCR, I need to get back to conquer the A-Frame wall. I just couldn't do it. ACK! I need redemption.

  7. I have not done an OCR, sounds fun!

  8. I have done a few spartan races in the past. once you do one, you cant get enough of em. one location thats on my spartan bucketlist is the wintergreen course.id love to run that this year.

  9. I've never run an OCR. I'm not really the strongest person, so I always assumed that I would just be terrible at them. I am also a bit prissy when it comes to water and mud. Haha! I've never really thought about doing one, but I'll enter your giveaway. I'm definitely excited to hear how you like that book!

  10. I've done the Wintergreen Spartan twice, and it still scares me the most!

  11. Anything like a rope climb would be the death of me. I workout like a beast but I just can't pull myself up. Someday I will be able to.... Someday....

  12. The book sounds interesting -- the races not so much!

  13. What an awesome opportunity! Spartan is still on my list to try out since I've heard great things but all the dates that I would consider are booked :(. I have to say that sliding down that pool of ice was still the scariest thing I did at Tough Mudder, but I'm proud I was able to do it!

  14. The rope climb scares me the most. I've never completed it and I have a slight fear of heights. I think it's a tough one for a lot of people.

  15. I would have to say the rig in any OCR is pretty tough.