Friday, April 22, 2016

New News & a New Recipe

One of my major causes of stress over the past couple weeks has been my car. The Prius served me well but as the odometer ticked over 100k miles, I knew it was time to move on.

Selling a car is a total hassle, and I ended up being without one for about a week. Luckily, Elizabeth lives so close that she was willing to drive me to school while I needed a ride.

Anyway, the Prius is sold now, and I miss it - and my awesome stickers - but it's been replaced by a lovely younger lady. (Isn't that always the way?)
Before I even thought about replacing the car, I was planning out how to find good replacement stickers!
Meet Lola!
Isn't she pretty?!
I know, I know...Matt and I both have Minis now and that makes us that weird matchy-matchy couple, but we have our reasons!
Matt's Countryman is Lola's big brother!
Matt is a car fanatic, so he was particular about finding a car that wouldn't depreciate in value too much over the years, would be good on gas, and would be fun to drive. We also wanted a hatchback. The new car is for me, so obviously I got the final say, but it's hard to argue with a baby blue Mini!

In other news, since I posted about my improved eating habits (I've been true to my healthier-food lifestyle for two full weeks now!), I wanted to share a couple recipes. These are actually more for myself so I can find them again when I need them, but maybe they'll work for someone else, too.

Here's the first of a couple I think I'll share over the next few weeks:

Zucchini canoes...or something. Full disclosure: I saw a photo of this on Pinterest and based my recipe on that one, but I have no idea if I made mine similarly because I didn't actually read the recipe because I hate being forced to sign in to Pinterest to see the pins. It's a principle thing.

These were seriously tasty, healthy, and cost-effective! Honestly, I could probably eat three or four "canoes" but I only had one zucchini on hand while I was experimenting. Next time I'll know better.

I was really bored of chicken for awhile there, but I rediscovered my love for it when I started baking it with broth. It keeps it really juicy and tender, so I don't have to struggle to get it down. Who knew?

What are you driving right now?
Do you name your cars? I never have before, but the minute we bought Lola and I got behind the wheel, I just felt the name come to me! Her doggy counterpart must have inspired me!
Share a recipe you've been loving lately!



  1. You guys are so stylin'! Love the cars. :) I drive a bright red chevy cobalt. I am not a car person at all but I do like that it is small and red. I will drive it until it dies. It is paid for, so it is nice not having a car payment! I recently clocked over 100,000 miles on it but it holds up very well! (It's from 2010). IT recently got inspected and all they said is I will need tires soon.

    Those zuke boats look yummy. Thank you for reminding me about zuke. I want to grow some this year.

  2. Um, I drive a 2016 Honda Civic and it's not quite up to 60,000 yet. I don't work, and when I did, I worked from home. We take my husband's much newer Subaru on long trips (like my racecations).

    I've done variations of zucchini canoes -- which reminds me, that might be good for this Passover week!

  3. I've done zucchini canoes before - love them! I just love zucchini in general and go in phases where I'll want to eat zoodles or something similar like three nights a week!

    That's so awesome that you got a mini! Ever since the car show I've been thinking about the Countryman. My 2010 Honda CR-V will hit 100,000 mi in just a couple of months but it still runs really well and I have a ton of sentimental value attached to the car. It was the first adult purchase I made on my own and the day I paid it off I felt like such a badass. Plus, if Adam and I are going to finally bit the bullet and get our beach condo by the end of the year I have to save all of my pennies! ;)

  4. Congratulations on your beautiful new MINI! I got mine in December 2014 and love her so much (my first named car as well...The Duchess).

  5. I also saw the zucchinni boats and want to try them. I did however try the cucumbers with tuna inside and it wasn't all that great!

    Congrats on the new car! I usually keep my cars for a long time and get quite attached so it's always hard for me to say good bye! My last few cars have been Volvos and the last one was in an accident so I HAD to get rid of it but I guarantee you I would have had it way past 100,000 miles. I do love my new volvo though and will be sad to get rid of it when it is time!

  6. Congrats on your new car! I too had been thinking of replacing my 14-year-old VW Golf, but I've changed my mind. It has less than 110,000 miles on it, and I feel like it has some life left in it. Plus, I just don't want to spend money on a new car! My dog will have to deal with it not being a great car for him for a while longer. Happy weekend!

  7. A Prius is on my bucket list! Right now I'm driving a Volvo (80,000 miles, it's a 2004) but hopefully will trade it in soon for something that doesn't use much gasoline!

  8. Congrats again on the new ride! It's seriously adorable. I'm so not a car person, and never get excited about vehicles...BUT, I LOVE the countryman's. I love that you and your hubby have matching cars! My first and only car (honda accord) I've owned has about 130,000 miles on it and I'd love to replace it in the next year with a Countryman too. I never named my car, but I totally would with a Countryman...they're just too cute!

  9. I LOVE your mini!!!! That is the car of my dreams! It's in my favourite colour too. I debated getting a mini but when I needed a car Asap after my accident I went with the nissan. I do love it though.