Friday, April 1, 2016

I Leave You With...A Survey

I'll be gone all weekend for ASCD, so I won't be updating. I'm still feeling pretty cruddy so I'm not sure if I'll get to run while I'm away, but I hope I do!

Kim tagged me in this survey, and it's one I've never done, so I'm all over it! I think the copy/pasting made the font a little weird so...bear with me!

A- Age: 30!
B- Biggest fear: Manatees...actually, wide open water and the sea creatures therein, but people really think the manatee fear is hilarious.
C- Current time: 8:33pm
D- Drink you last had: Ice water. My throat has been parched all week from this cough!
E- Every day starts with: Wishing I could sleep another hour.
F- Favorite song: Right now I'm obsessed with all things Melanie Martinez. 

Her sound is so unique and dark. Thanks to Allison for making me aware of her!

G- Ghosts, are they real? No
H- Hometown: Hm. Beachwood, Ohio? What exactly is a hometown? Where you live, or where you grew up?
I- In love with: Matt...and rainbow sherbet.
J- Jealous of: People who can run 45 miles a week without getting injured!
K- Killed someone? What kind of question is this?! (Actually, last week Elizabeth accused me of trying to kill her during our 200 repeats so...maybe?)

Proof she was still smiling and alive after!
L- Last time you cried? Uh...I can't remember! I guess that's a good thing.
M- Middle name: Beth. (Suddenly my signature on posts becomes clear!)
N- Number of siblings: I'm the middle kid and I definitely suffer middle child syndrome.

The fam last Passover.
O- One wish: To live a life worth living. No, really. To not have to look back and feel like I squandered my talent or my passions.
P- Person you last called: My doctor.
Q- Question you're always asked: "What did you say?" "Can I go to the bathroom?" "What are we doing?" "When does class end?"
R- Reason to smile: The sunflowers Matt brought home for now reason this week.

S- Song last sung: Mary J. Blige's "No More Drama". I sang it while I ran, so you know it was good.
T- Time you woke up: 10:30, and I'm not ashamed to admit it!

Read the article here.
U- Underwear color: This is right up there with the question about killing people...
V- Vacation destination: I don't have a favorite, so I'm going to go with my DREAM vacation - New Zealand! Or a tour of Europe!
W- Worst habit: Okay, this is embarrassing picking. I have dermatillomania, which is an OCD disorder. (Admittedly I'm self-diagnosed, but I'm 100% certain I've earned the diagnosis.)
X- X-Rays you've had: Feet and teeth
Y- Your favorite food: Sushi or chocolate. Anything chocolate.
Z- Zodiac sign: Aquarius...but I don't think it has anything to do with my personality or how I get along with others.

Share something random about yourself in the comments, or fill out the survey!
How do you define "hometown"?
Teachers, can you relate to Q?



  1. No More Drama is a such a good song! It's the theme for my year. Last year work ended up stressing me out a lot, not because of the job duties but office drama. This year I've made the conscious decision to be drama free and it's working out well! Whenever someone tries to gossip with me I just say, "sorry I'm having a drama free 2016" and I think it's actually spread to the rest of the office. The mood has definitely been more positive, or at least it has been around me!

    Hope you have fun at your conference this weekend!

  2. Oh yes, I relate to Q! At this point in the school year, I am getting DUMB questions from students. It's as if they have all regressed to kindergarteners. Student: "Can I get a tissues?" Me: YES YOU DON'T HAVE TO ASK TO GET A TISSUE!!

  3. I hope you're feeling better quick. I've been on benedryl every night, which seems to be keeping it at bay - but my lungs aren't thrilled with me yet. Hopefully they shape up this weekend! Most common questions are "is today a stay in the classroom day?" - meaning we don't have any specials, "do we have to wear coats outside" "can i have scissors/glue/stapler/tape"

    Enjoy your trip!

  4. OMG this survey is so fun!!!!!! I might have to steal. ;)

    Q: "Can I borrow your sharpie, gluestick, tape, etc." "Can I get a drink from the fountain?" (student has water bottle on desk). "Can I go to the washroom?" LOL

  5. Those sunflowers are beautiful! Fun survey :)

  6. I like this survey! I work at retirement home, so I always get the question of if I have kids... and then subsequent disappointment when I say no. Haha! I usually define hometown as where you grow up, so I always tell people Florida. Manhattan, KS will never be my hometown...

  7. I hate the hometown question. It seems to always come up and I always feel awkward. The closest thing I feel like I have to a hometown is Tally... and that is simply because I have been here since 2008, not because it feels like my hometown.

    Also, manatees? At least they're huge and its totally understandable to be scared of them.

    I'm terrified of butterflies and birds. T_T

    (And yes, expect lots of comments on blog posts as I catch up on my reading lol)