Friday, April 15, 2016

A Killer Workout

I'm really pleased with how this week has gone: T25 Monday, a run Tuesday, intervals Thursday, and a T25 core workout Friday!

On Thursdays, Elizabeth's husband has classes in the evening so when we run, we have to choose small repetitive loops so her stepdaughter can play where we can keep an eye on her. (This isn't a problem because her stepdaughter is hilarious and also doesn't mind taking a million pictures of our workouts!)

But loops can get boring, so this week we brought along our dumbbells to change things up. It felt a little weird and a lot awesome to complete our circuit out in the parking lot of our local park.
Check out my leg tan-lines. Ridiculous!
We completed eight intervals around the "track", stopping each time to do one of the following: bicep curls, tricep dips, presses, and Arnolds.
The dips were probably my favorite.
My goal for pace was to keep it around 9:30, but we were actually all over the place and fairly negative...the second interval was really slow because we stopped to say hi to a turtle we found.
He was pretty uncertain of us but seemed willing enough to pose for pictures!
I need to relearn how to monitor my own pace; this loop is short, so it makes me push to go faster. I had trouble finding my sweet spot.

.33 @ 10:30 & 24 bicep curls
.33 @ 11:00 & 12 tricep dips (turtle time!)
.33 @ 8:41 & 12 presses (making up for turtle time?!)
.33 @ 8:51 & 12 Arnolds
.33 @ 9:11 & 24 bicep curls
.33 @ 9:15 & 12 tricep dips
.33 @ 9:20 & 12 presses
.33 @ 9:25 & 12 Arnolds

Overall I was really happy with this workout. I felt strong and we finished feeling accomplished; I know this is one we'll repeat sometime in the future!

How do you change up repetitive or boring workouts?
Have you found any cool wildlife on a run lately?



  1. Circuits are a fun way to change things up! I tend to do that more in the summer for some weird reason. Every summer I am like, "OH helllooooooo jump rope, how are you???"

    1. Maybe the hot weather makes circuits more fun because it breaks up the long, hot monotony of a run!

  2. Love it...great job Ali. Can I just say that I am SO jealous that you are running in a tank and shorts. Yesterday we received another 5 inches of snow...complete with hail, freezing rain, and drizzle. Yuck!

    1. It has already been so gross here. It's in the high 60s before sunrise, 82 by afternoon. But the breezes are still cold, so that's good! I actually already miss winter.

  3. Very nice!! I haven't done circuits in a while but this post reminded me how much I enjoy doing them! I usually do them at the gym with a pattern of: run 1 mile, do one weight lifting thing, run 1 mile, do one weight lifting thing, etc. until I'm done!

    1. It's funny because I've always loved circuits but I tend to forget about them! I wonder why that is.

      I'll definitely do this with mile repeats eventually. I need to build myself up!

  4. Love the idea of mixing fast running with strength training. I bet it was a great workout! Wonder if I can find a glute where I can do something similar near me. Thanks for giving me the idea!

    1. I definitely felt really sweaty and tired after - the sure signs of a good workout. It could work with a short out-and-back route, too, I think!

  5. This is a great idea! I always have issues incorporating both into my training because I hate running on a treadmill so if I do weights I typically don't run and if I run outside I typically don't do weights. But this is definitely a good idea to bring with me in the future. On the wildlife note: I did see a gator around mile 7-8 of the half the other day. He was cute.

    1. Trying to figure out when to do different cross training activities and run is so hard! I really loved that this allowed me to kill two birds with one stone. It's my new plan for most Tuesdays I think.