Sunday, March 6, 2016

Feeling Good

Sunday's run was just what I needed. I think there were two main factors that made it so awesome.

1 - I ran with Kristin, who I haven't seen in something like a month because of scheduling issues. I needed that!

2 - It was my first long run since A1A. We did ten miles, and I was so glad to get into double digits. And I was relieved, too, because we have this half on March 20 and I haven't gone longer than four miles since the marathon, so I was beginning to wonder if I'd be able to make it!
I know it's only really been two weeks since the race, but it feels like longer, and my mind starts to play tricks on me. Can I still run 13 miles? Maybe my body has totally forgotten how! Maybe I'll crash and burn!

We kept a fairly consistent pace, but since I turned off my auto-pause, our stop for fuel at mile 5 factored in here. Our moving pace was around 11:30.

Anyway, this week I ran a whopping 14 miles all told, but at least now I know I still have long runs in me.
By the end of the run it was only 61 out, but we both felt warm. I'm not going to be happy when spring officially arrives.
Funny story, speaking of the half. I told Matt I was running it and he was all, "I thought you said no long distance this year?" and I said, "It's just a half. A half doesn't count as long!" and then I slapped myself because who talks like that?
I guess what I meant was "no marathons this year" and "I'll focus on 5k and 10k races." I also vaguely recall telling myself "no half marathons after February ever again." Oops.

What was a highlight of your weekend?
What distance do you have to cover when training to set your mind at ease?



  1. Nice job on your run! When I am training I need to definitely run a 20 or 21 miler for a marathon in order to feel confident.

  2. During my run this afternoon it was a HOT 71 degrees out... I felt like I was melting and had to carry a bottle of watered down Gatorade.

    There's no such thing as "only" a half but I totally understand that sentiment. Now that I have experienced a marathon, anything under 20 miles just doesn't seem like that big of a deal for me to do... lol!!

    Can't wait to hear about your next race. :)

  3. Ha ha! That last graphic is too true. Sounds like a great run. I know my running buddies always make long runs fun!

  4. Well now that you got 10 in you should feel very confident for your half! I think 10 would be enough for me to know I could cover the distance of a half marathon.

  5. I love that ecard!!!!! It's sooooo true! I've said "it's only a half" before too lol

  6. My mind plays tricks on me as well (esp after the marathon). The ecard is so true!