Saturday, January 23, 2016

Something I'm Not Good At

Sometimes, I wish I had named my blog something a little more specific to my running talent, or lack thereof. Names like "Average Runner" or "Mediocre Runner" cross my mind. And of course, this is in no way a dig at people who see my paces and think they're "fast", because I've written ad nauseum about how "fast" is relative.

But I'm an honest person, and I know that I'm not particularly talented when it comes to running. Not naturally, at least.

The other day, I read this article, and this line really hit home: "I’m not used to being so passionate about something I’m not good at."

It's just human nature to feel passionate about things you're good at, isn't it? And if you're passionate, you work hard and you improve! But for many of us, running isn't really one of those things. We can work and work, yet there's still a threshold we can't seem to cross.

I'm not really that good at running...but I sure do love it.

I'm used to loving things partly because I'm good at them; most of my hobbies are talents that come easily to me. Running is a challenge every single time, and that makes it a totally different kind of a passion. I don't love it because I'm good at it; I love it because it challenges me, and each run allows me to feel empowered because I'm beating the odds just by being out there.

This year is my year of speed, and I intend to find a new comfortable pace that is (hopefully) back into what I consider fast for myself, but I'm also perfectly happy to be honest about my abilities. 

Do you have a passion for something you're not particularly good at?



  1. I love singing and performing and while I am good enough at it to do small community theater stuff, I was never good enough to get many lead roles or even a part in the chorus when I was at college. It sucked, but ultimately it taught me that there is ALWAYS going to be someone better than me at something. That's sort of a Debby Downer way to look at it, but it's the truth! Because of this, I never felt entitled to a role. I also learned that even if I work really hard for something, that doesn't mean it is going to pan out right away- or ever!

    One of the reasons I like running is because ultimately the only person I am trying to beat is MYSELF! :) There will always be faster runners than me, but when I set time or distance goals to achieve and I do it, no one can take that accomplishment away from me, even if they are faster or can run longer.

  2. This is how I felt about golf for so many years! How could I love something I was so bad at?

  3. I am so not a risk taker so usually if I feel like I'm not so good I don't totally immerse myself into it. Not that I think that is the correct thing to do. That being said, I feel like no matter how good you are at your hobby/sport, etc. you will always want to improve, you know?