Monday, October 5, 2015

Dancing is Totally Cross-Training, Right?

This was a good weekend. Before I say more, let me start by saying this is my first post on my (possibly) new (to me) computer. My sister's laptop was stolen some time ago, and by stolen I mean "lost under the bed"; now that it's found, I may be its new owner. I usually work on a PC, and her old laptop is a Mac, so we'll see how I like it. If my formatting or font is weird, you know why.

Anyway, this weekend. It was full of old friends and lots of sweat.

On Saturday morning, I met up with Montana for a long run and our virtual Patronus 5k. It's funny how running completely breaks down inhibitions. We haven't seen each other since 8th grade, but we got along as if no time had passed!
We had to stop and get a picture...too pretty not to!
Pausing for a sunrise pic.
Mind the squintiness...just a little Sub30 picture post-run!
Although this was a fantastic run for me, my left knee was really hurting afterward. I knew immediately that it was IT band stuff, so I foam rolled and did some hip exercises, then took Sunday morning off.
I really liked this 3.5 mile loop...It was perfect for pausing to get water/fuel without having to carry anything.
Sunday night was Jenn's wedding. We drove up to Clearwater, and although the wedding was postponed for a bit due to weather, Jenn got her rooftop wedding!
The ceremony overlooked the ocean, which was choppy and gorgeous that evening.
We clean up nicely :)
We danced the night away, and my thighs are definitely feeling the squatting/jumping/twisting that goes along with partying in heels. I think that counts as cross-training!
Mr. and Mrs. Camison
The flowers were perfect. Jenn's family is Dutch, so the tulips were a nice touch!
Celebrating hard!
Jenn and Tommy's last dance.
On my way back home Monday (Matt and I drove separately because he had a race Saturday morning in a different city), I stopped by Brittany's to see her and Kaya.
Me with Kaya when she was brand spankin' new! We had too much fun catching up to take pictures today.
I was only supposed to hang out for about an hour because I have a whole slew of things to get done before work Tuesday, but catching up was so fun I ended up spending the better part of the afternoon. That's okay - I'd much rather see friends than do laundry!

How was your weekend?
Are you a dancer at weddings?
Have you stayed in touch with friends from middle school?



  1. Ah, your dress for the wedding is gorgeous! You and Matt both look really sharp!

    I hope your knee/IT band is feeling much better today!

    1. Thank you!! It was one of those buys that was SO outside my usual comfort zone, but it was a big hit!

  2. Gorgeous dress! It looks like such a fun wedding.

    I think the only person I knew in middle school that I still talk to is my fiancé, haha, but we weren't really friends back then.

    1. Wow, I hadn't realized you two went so far back! I'd love to hear about how you reconnected after middle school...Actually, maybe you did a post on that and I'm only vaguely remembering it?

  3. Love the dress! And Yes I dance at weddings...I always try to have a good time!!! Some of my best running pals are friends from way back in the middle school era. I love it!

    1. I feel like at some weddings, it's my responsibility to make it fun for the bride, so I try to dance a lot. But Jenn and Tomas's families are both VERY dancey, so some of that pressure was off haha.

  4. Yes, you guys DO clean up nicely! Where did you get your dress? I am glad you had a great long run on Saturday! It's always nice to have a friend to run with. I am a dancer as long as there is alcohol involved!

    1. The dress was a $10 purchase at a consignment sale to raise money for troubled teens. Such a good cause...It's originally from Cache.

      Oh yes, alcohol makes a big difference!

  5. A good weekend - ditched a couple of obligations in order to get ready for this week, which helped with our household stress level, and did a bunch of baking besides.

    Of course I dance at weddings! Though I haven't been to one in a while now. You looked stunning.

    And yes, I'm still friends with a couple of middle school folk - I don't see them in person much but we hang out on Facebook.

    1. I love that Facebook allows us to stay in touch with old, old friends. It's my favorite feature, besides Sub30 haha!

  6. I love dancing, and it totally counts a cross training! ;)

    1. Agreed! If my legs were that sore, it must mean they had a workout!