Saturday, September 12, 2015

Q&A - What My Husband Thinks of My Running

I borrowed this fun little survey from Kristina. Matt is pretty good about listening to me drone on and on about running, so it'll be interesting to see how much information he really absorbs.

My commentary is in italics.

1. Does my running make you want to run?
Not usually. It makes me want to paddle. But there are times when I’m at a race, that I wish I would have done it with you. 
Matt recently told a local reporter that he was inspired to paddle his 33-mile race this October because I run marathons and he needed to balance our relationship! I'll post on his race as it gets closer.
Also, Matt says no, but history shows that he has actually run quite a few races with me...albeit most were before he began paddling.
2. What do I eat before I run?

Many different things: Gu gels, cookies, energy gummy chews, cereal, granola bars. 
Especially cookies and cereal. A couple cookies actually seems to be great fuel for me, but a bowl of cereal - which I'm addicted to - is pretty awful because I always get sloshy-stomach! 

3. How far do I run most days?

2-5 miles during the week. Longer runs on the weekend. 
It's more like 4-6 on weekdays right now because of training. I rarely run anything less than 4 unless I'm coming back from significant time off.

4. What kind of running shoes do I wear?

Asics Kayanos. And you are VERY particular about what color they are. And you stop using them based on how many miles are on them, not what they feel or look like. Which I get, but is very weird to me since I wear all my shoes/sandals until they literally fall apart.
Ha! Yeah, I will drive to a dozen stores if my usual running store isn't carrying the color I want in my size. Color helps me run faster! And yes, Matt literally will wear his shoes until there are holes in the soles.
He's totally right. I tried these GT-2000s but am going to get a new pair of Kayanos for long runs. I just like the feel better, and I'm shoe-loyal.
5. What is my favorite race? 

Hmmmmm….The Sanibel 10k? Or maybe the Lakewood Ranch half marathon since it goes through your parents’ neighborhood.
These are good guesses! I do love the Sanibel 10k and try to run it every year. I liked the Suncoast Half, which is what he meant, but I actually think my favorite half is the Ft. Lauderdale half I did on my birthday this year. It was perfect before, during, and after! I also loved Ragnar...picking a favorite is hard!
How can you not love a race that has a beach sunrise, great cheer squad, and falls on your birthday?!
6. Do you like going to my races?

Yes. You train for them for so long and they are big accomplishments. I can’t see any good reason to not go and support you there.

I feel really lucky that Matt feels this way. I've seen in my running groups that some spouses not only don't go to races, but are vocally opposed to the time their runners spend running, so I think I'm a lucky minority here.

7. What have you learned from having a wife who runs?

The importance of training and eating healthy. I have also learned how healthy it can be for a relationship when both of us are focused on fitness goals.

So...if he's learned from me the importance of eating healthy, it's from me being a great NON-example! Did you catch the part where I fuel for runs with cookies? But I definitely agree with the second part.

8. If I could run with anyone living or dead, who would it be?

You always used to ask Archie to run with you, but he never did. Probably because birds aren’t especially good at running. I’m guessing he would be at the top of your list right now, though...

Ugh, this hurts. I did always ask Archie to come run with me (or do our laundry, or the dishes, or vacuum...but obviously his lack of thumbs got him out of most housework). If I'm trying to avoid being a sobbing mess, though, I'd say Stephen King. We'd probably walk more than run, but I'd love to pick his brain and he's well-known for liking to take long walks.
Archie always wanted to run with me, but we couldn't find shoes to fit his little dinosaur feet.
9. Bonus: name two of my running blogger/online friends.
I’ve met a good number of them in person before. And I can picture all of their faces in my head. But I am absolutely terrible with names. So, for partial credit, I’ll give you the name of the online group most of them are a part of: The Sub-30 Club!

This was totally unfair of me to ask because he truly is the worst when it comes to names. Matt's met Kristina and a whole bunch of women and men from the Sub-30 Club! And this December, he'll get to meet Megan!
Matt took this photo of the Sub-30 Club with Bart Yasso, but apparently couldn't remember anyone's name...Even those he's met more than once! It's nothing personal! Sorry guys!
Thanks for the idea, Kristina! I urge you guys to share this survey; it's fun to see yourself through the eyes of the person who knows you best!

What question would you add for your SO?
What question would you ask Matt, if I did another survey post someday?



  1. So 1) I'm totally borrowing this survey for my
    Blog. I'm interested to see what my significant other thinks! He's good about mud runs but he doesn't run very far for regular runs so it should be interesting.

    2) Matt will get to meet me in December too! And you'll get to meet Jobanny :-)

    1. I didn't say he'd meet you because you're technically a REAL LIFE friend even though I haven't seen you since 8th grade and we reconnected through Sub-30 haha! But I'm excited to see you and meet Jobanny!

  2. Matt did pretty darn well on this survey! I am glad he supports you in your running. It is really hard for me to understand how spouses might not support the other one's fitness endeavors.

    I am very shoe loyal as well! At this point I am not picky about color although I would prefer anything but WHITE. I have spent over the past year in orange mizunos and recently bought three pairs on sale so it looks like I will be on a 2 yr steak in the orange shoes. :)

    1. I think some spouses feel threatened if their SO starts getting in shape and they're not inclined to do the same. That's the only reason I can think of that someone would talk down about their spouse's fitness.

      I am seriously tempted to buy like 3 pairs of the old Kayanos now that they're on sale for $99.

  3. Matt did such a great job!

    Adam is the same was as Matt is with shoes. One time he tried to tape a pair of flip flops together after they broke. I had to throw them away when he wasn't looking!

    I'm glad you said the Fort Lauderdale Half. I hope you'll come down and do it again in 2016. I'm targeting that race as my half marathon PR attempt for this fall/winter season. Fingers crossed!

    1. What is with men and shoes?! Matt has a pair that's holey and stained green from mowing the lawn, but he sees no reason to get another pair for yardwork lol.

      I hope to do Ft. Lauderdale again this year too!

  4. This is awesome and I may have to borrow the idea as well! ;) I love how he knows you so well as a runner!

    1. I know your Matt will know these answers because he's a runner, too! He'd probably ace this survey!

  5. Your husband sounds like such a trooper!! My poor husband also has to listen to me go on and on about running and would probably do pretty well. I might have to steal this! Love it.

    1. Ah, these men-of-runners...they really have to put up with a lot!

  6. Good job Matt! I enjoyed both your and Kristina's post :) Made me smile.

    1. It was really fun for me to look over his answers! I'm glad you enjoyed reading them :)

  7. Love this! I wonder if my boyfriend could answer all of these questions! I'll have to try this! :)

    1. I look forward to yours...I bet your boyfriend would do well, since he runs with you sometimes!

  8. This is adorable! Matt is such a good husband and I love that you both work toward and support the other's goals.

    1. We've definitely seen that supporting each others' goals has made us a stronger unit!