Friday, August 21, 2015

Duck Mode

How is it possible that every year, I forget how absolutely chaotic the last week of summer is? We've been back in training all week and things have just been crazy! I'm glad this was the first week of training in an unofficial capacity. I wanted a 16 week plan and tagged this week on, making it 17, while allowed me to ease in.
This is a six-day work week. I have open house Saturday, and school officially opens Monday. Needless to say, I'm pretty exhausted.
This is me, and every other teacher, during teacher training week. (And pretty much all year long.)
I completed my first run of training on Tuesday. I got a new phone Thursday, and the setup and process of wiping, unlocking, and restoring my old phone ended up taking four hours, so I didn't run.
We had a summer assignment to take a photo of ourselves reading in an odd place. I'm enjoying What I Talk About... so far!
But tonight I got in a nice 4-miler with Kristin. We ran up and down a university parking garage, then ran two easy miles out in the rain.
There's something emotionally cleansing about running in the rain. We have our first hurricane of the year looming!
I definitely needed it.

I'm really looking forward to this year, but I kind of dread the first week of school. I'm always afraid I won't learn the kids' names, even though I usually memorize them within the first two days.

A panoramic of my classroom, all ready to go!
Anyway, I'm totally in duck mode right now, and that makes me grateful for running! But I think I'll be even more grateful for sleep!

Do you have any weird work-related fears?
Do you like to run in the rain?



  1. Here in NS we can get crazy cold rain....and that's no fun....but the warm rain is really refreshing...and makes me feel totally bad-ass. Your classroom looks great!!!!

  2. I had a rainy run this week too. :)

    Open hour on a saturday? That stinks! Ours was Monday- this is the first time we have had it scheduled before the school year even started.

    Kids come Monday for us too. Augh! I get annoyed when it takes me a little while to RELEARN some of their names. The little kids get very indignant and don't understand that just because I knew their name last year doesn't mean I know it right away this year. Ya use it or lose it!

  3. I am really impressed by how quickly you are able to learn your students names! The one semester that I taught in grad school I was TERRIBLE at remembering everyone's name. A couple of weeks into class I needed to hand back a graded assignment and it was awful!

    Have a great first week back with the kids, Mrs. K! Hopefully the looming storm doesn't interrupt the first week back for you.

  4. I hope you have a great week back to school! Glad your training runs are going well. I like running in the rain too for the most part - as long as my shoes don't get too soggy!

  5. This is a pretty busy time for us, too. All of the kids are back in town (including a fresh crop of VERY new kids who have NEVER been out from under their parents - yikes).

    I'm kind of meh about running in the rain. I like how it cools you off as you run... but I also wear glasses and that can be super aggravating. When I wear contacts, its not as bad, but then I worry about rain water getting into my eyes.

  6. I go back to work tomorrow and the kids come back on Monday. I cannot even believe that it's already the end of August. I am really nervous because I am taking over a classroom that has had the same teacher for the past 13 years. I've got big shoes to fill!

  7. I hate heights, so I don't like using the lifts at work. By lift I mean power equipment- I'm not trying to be British. When they get high and start to wobble it scares me, especially when I'm moving heavy boxes! I really wish I could run before work, but since I'm up so early, I resort to after work runs during the week. And since Florida weather is a crapshoot, I usually end up running in the rain at some point. I don't mind rain, as long as it's not pouring. I tried that once, and had to cut my planned 8 miler down to 4 because it got so heavy I couldn't even see!