Thursday, June 11, 2015

Running & Food

Wednesday, I ran for the first time since DC. It was my first outdoor run in three weeks. All the work I'd done in April to acclimate to the change in weather as Florida summer loomed was completely lost in that time.

To call Wednesday's run rough would be an understatement. My first mile wasn't bad - I actually ran it in 9:56 - but I walked quite a lot of the second. I had a side-stitch the entire time and had trouble breathing smoothly. I had a couple dizzy spells toward the end; my body seriously hates running in the summer.
At least there was a breeze...a really hot, aggressive breeze.
I know I'll get back in shape; in fact, I'm not at all discouraged! If anything, I'm feeling even more determined to get back to where I was.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying breaking out of the comfort-food-sleep-obsessed pattern I've been in since May. Being active, for me, naturally leads me to eat better. Honestly, I have the worst sweet tooth and would survive on frosting and cookies if my body would let me. Our meal at the Cheesecake Factory this week (when I caught up with some of my fellow All Star Teachers...more on that in another post) was my last hurrah...I'm finally junk-fooded out and ready to eat healthy again.

I've been adding egg whites to my oatmeal to add protein and substance, which keeps me fuller longer and helps me feel more satisfied.
Chocolate chips in my snacks/desserts help me feel like I'm indulging without totally destroying my hard work for the day!
I'm leaning toward vegetables and lean proteins for lunches, yogurt and fruit for snacks. I'm determined to learn how to cook tofu because some nights I just blanch at the idea of eating meat. (I go through cycles of being totally repulsed by chicken and beef. Isn't that weird?)

I'm feeling pumped and really optimistic about the next few weeks! I'm finally feeling mentally ready to run again, and I know physically I'll be there soon!

 How is your summer-acclimation going?
What is your favorite healthy meal?
Do you like healthy foods, or do you have to force yourself to avoid junk?



  1. Egg whites in oatmeal - I'm going to have to try that! Great idea!

    Unfortunately, I don't think being fit has made me crave healthy foods more, although I do think it's made me more aware of the need to eat healthier and how different foods affect how I feel. I have a pretty bad sweet tooth and I don't think any amount of exercise will fix that. Oh well!

    PS, was that your comment I saw on the RW article about catcalling? Nice work!!

    1. Yes, that was my comment! I wrote it and then had a panic attack when people replied lol! I had to unfollow the thread, but when I went back to look, it seemed most people understood what I was getting at :o)

  2. I've been eating so badly lately. It's like the higher the milage the worse I eat.

    I am vegetarian and have been my entire life, so I am pretty good at cooking tofu. I like to get the fried tofu from the asian market. it cooks a lot easier. You could also try tempe if you don't want meat. I find it to be a little easier to cook because it doesn't crumble like tofu does.

    1. When I run REALLY high mileage and I'm rungry all the time, I eat a lot of junk! But I think I've been so inactive lately that my body is like I'M READY FOR SOME REAL NOURISHMENT ALREADY.

      I got some pre-cubed tofu to try. I love tempe, too! If you have any recipes to share, I'm all ears!

  3. I know exactly what you mean about going in cycles with chicken and beef. I go through the same cycle with chicken. There are times when I just CANNOT stop thinking about the chicken being a little bird and I just feel disgusted and sad at the thought of eating it. I guess beef is different for me because I have never seen a whole cow carcass sitting on the table waiting to be ripped apart for eating.

    I have to force myself to avoid certain junk food... like burgers. I like burgers a little too much!

    1. Okay this is bad because of Archie, but it's not even because I can't bear to eat an animal. Just the texture and taste gets my gag reflex going for some reason once in awhile!

      My weakness when it comes to junk is pasta...and chocolate! lol

  4. Great job Ali! I'm with you....the more active I am...the more I want to eat right so I can get the most out of my workouts!!

    1. And it feels like I worked out for nothing if I eat a bunch of's like the workout never happened!

  5. I do enjoy healthy foods but I like junk as well. If I am craving dessert, I will never deny it for myself! I feel like making things at home is a great way to have "junk" that isn't super junky. For instance, sometimes for dinner I have white tortilla chips smothered in cheese, black beans, tomatoes, cilantro and CHICKEN. Sure, it's pretty much nachos, but it's fresh ingredients (besides the chips!). We don't go out to eat a lot (too expensive!) so since we go so rarely, I don't feel bad getting something gluttonous. Now luckily we looooove sushi and that's good for ya!