Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Last Week's Workouts

After a disappointing training week, I was happy to have one of my best weeks since May.

Monday, I used NTC to work on my core, glutes, hips, and abs. 
The alignment workout was much harder than I expected.
Wednesday I went for a run; I had to cut it short because I started to feel sick. I've been making a habit of stopping at the water stations on the golf course and running my wrists under to help cool me down; it's been helping, but Wednesday was not a good day.
I was aiming for 3.5, but called it a day at 30 minutes.
Friday I finally made it to four miles. I was so happy to be back up to four; I decided that no matter if I had to walk or take lots of water breaks, I would get the mileage done, and  I did.
I took it really easy, walked when I needed to, and generally just enjoyed myself on this one. After Wednesday's run I really wanted to finish no matter how long it took.
I was planning to run Sunday morning but Matt and I had a family emergency Saturday and we didn't get back to town until pretty late. (Everything is okay for now.) So instead I ran in the evening. Kristin had done 8 in the morning, but she joined me for the second half of my run anyway. She really helped me push through. 

I chose a 2.6-mile shaded loop that I really like, and I ran it twice. I'm sure I would have quit early if Kristin hadn't been there. This was also the first run since April or early May that wasn't just a romp around the golf course; it felt really good to be back on an actual route. And I forgot what a difference shade makes!
It's funny how I can feel so accomplished after 5 miles...distance is all relative, I guess, depending on how we're feeling.
I completed the first half at an easy 11-minute pace, but then needed some walk breaks during the second half of the run.

As far as my runs go, I definitely earned an A this week. I played it safe but still boosted my mileage, and I'm feeling really accomplished. Overall, taking cross-training in mind as well, I'd say I get an A-/B+. This week I'm going to dedicate myself to two days of cross training along with my three or four runs.

How was your week?
What tricks do you use to keep cool in the summer during a run?
What's your favorite at-home cross-training activity?



  1. Way to go Ali!!!!! I'm also trying to incorporate cross-training this summer. I usually slack during the summer but I know that it is a huge benefit! I'm also on the lookout for some shaded areas! The sun can be brutal. Also, glad to hear everything is okay with Matt's family!

  2. Nice job! You still got it done even though you had some tough runs. I've been using NTC lately, I did a workout yesterday and now I'm all kinds of sore! I like the Perfect Alignment workout too.

  3. Nice job getting the miles in! It's nice for the runs that seem daunting to just decide to get the miles in whether it means walking or breaks. This morning I had to play a trick with myself. I have not been running a lot... for awhile now... and it is not an easy task to bang out 5 miles for me! Today I decided to go for 4, but I got into a groove and into a pod cast, so then I added that extra mile to make it 5. Deciding on 5 to start with seemed too scary!

  4. I love the NTC app! Way to get your mileage done! I've been doing the same thing since coming back from an injury--run steady and rest when necessary. I think it's really important during the hot summer months too! Nice week!

  5. I sweat profusely, so I need lots of hydration before and during summer runs. I freeze water bottles or Gatorade bottles and take one with me on a run. As I run, heat is transferred from my body to the ice, and then to the melt the ice and heat it up. I can even rub the bottle on my neck to keep cool. I drink along the way and empty the bottle. On longer runs, I make it a loop and keep a cooler of frozen bottles. When I complete one loop, I exchange an empty bottle for a new frozen one. A 3-4 mile loop is about right for me to finish a 24oz bottle. My favorite at-home cross-training activity is bicep curls with a red adult beverage.

  6. Love NTC!! Best way to squeeze in a quick abs circuit :) Great job this week! If it's a really hot day, I try to pick a shaded route and get out running as early as I can. At home, I love using NTC and doing my own yoga practice!

  7. Nice job on getting yours runs - even when it got tough out! When its hot, I take a minute break between each mile for water and cooling off.

  8. I hate when I'm all set to actually do my runs but tummy troubles interfere....you can't control those!! Great job on remaining true to your goals and getting them done!!! I wish we could run the golf courses in our area, but they are closed to the public during golfing season. Boo!