Friday, June 19, 2015

Five Confessions

I've never done a confessions post before, but I love reading them! It seemed about time I jumped on this trend.

Confession 1: On summer break, I regress back to my teenage years and sleep late. Really late. As in, nearly noon. I don't think I'll ever be an early riser!

Confession 2: I'm a slob, but I'm an organized slob! You know that episode of FRIENDS where Chandler opens Monica's secret closet and it's a disaster zone? That's pretty much how I live my life...Mess. But I know where everything is!
Confession 3: People tell me they're jealous of where I live because of the beach, but I actually hate the beach. It's hot, dirty, and takes a lot of work. And honestly, I kind of hate water in general. I'll jump in our pool after a run, but otherwise I rarely go in the water.
When I do get dragged to the beach, this is as close to the water as I get.
Confession 4: Sometimes I wish I had majored in biology. English is my true love, but sometimes I wonder what my life would be like now if I'd followed my other true love.
This could be me! (And if you don't know the story behind this hashtag, read up. It's ridiculously awful with a wonderful ending.)
Confession 5: Click-bait headlines, like the ones that start with a question or the word "why", drive me nuts. I also hate listicle titles, although I'll admit I sometimes get suckered into reading them.

Are you a late-sleeper?
Do you ever regret your college major?
Do you have anything to confess?



  1. I love that hashtag!! I don't necessarily regret my major but I kind of regret really not having my s**t together in late high school and college. I feel like I put some serious limits on my future options. It's not something I dwell on, but it's definitely one of those Negative Nelly thoughts that recurs in my head when I'm upset about something else. <- looks like there's a confession for ya!

  2. Okay, I may copy your confession post idea. ;) I love it! I am probably one of the people who has told you how 'lucky' you are to live near the beach, lol. I have second-guessed my degree from University for sure, especially when there was a major shortage of full time teaching positions here in Nova Scotia. :(

  3. I am not a big beach fan either! I always THINK I will like it, but then I don't. We went to the beach one day in San Diego and it was cool because it was so different from East Coast beaches. And I read my Grand Canyon Death book so that made it fun, too!