Friday, May 1, 2015

On My Mind

On my mind lately, and in no particular order...

Does everybody's hunger feel the same? How do people seem to assuage hunger with something as small as yogurt?!

I've been enjoying using Matt's Indo Board lately. I fell off once and skinned my elbow, but it's a nice little full-body workout if you do it right!
This is harder than it looks, I swear!
I could seriously watch Forensic Files and Dr. G: Medical Examiner for hours straight. Thanks, HLN.

At what point do TV shows cross the line from adorably/ironically corny to totally lame?
I'm looking at you, Bones. (I like that David Boreanaz is totally like, what us?, in this pic.)
I've signed up for paperless billing and statements; why do I still get so much mail from my credit card and insurance companies?!

How the heck did we have a cold front on May 1st?! No, no...don't look a gift horse in the mouth here. 
I hope this lasts until tomorrow morning and I can enjoy my first "long run" in cool weather!
I wonder if those teens from last weekend got found out...I wonder what their blog post about the incident would look like?

Is it better to count down to summer including or excluding weekends?
There are this many days left. That's all I know.
Why does my internet work for every device in the house except my laptop? (I am constantly using my hot spot to get online!)

I do not "meal plan" but this week I did a great job making extra food so we could have leftovers all week. Go me!
Salmon, shrimp, peas, and yellow rice. Yum! I also made a week's worth of chicken on Sunday night.
I know that changing your mindset is the first step in getting healthier, but how do I get my taste-buds on board with that theory?

Oh this is dangerous...I can buy things off Amazon using accumulated credit card points?! That makes it FREE!

Running is clearly the fountain of youth!
Have you tried this robot yet? It guesses your age...I've gotten everything from 27 to 37! I apparently looked really rough after my marathon and while we were camping.
I'm trying to figure out how to download Instagram videos to my computer so I can make a playlist of fun at-home workouts.
A video posted by Alexa Jean Brown (@alexajeanfitness) on

Finally, I don't realize how much I'm not myself leading up to my TPE/follow-up meeting, and then when it's over, I feel totally weightless! I suddenly feel so happy in my classroom again!

Aaah, that brain dump felt good!

What's on your mind lately?



  1. HAHAHA I love that you consider 63 a cold snap! I ran when it was about 65 here today and I thought I was going to die because it was so hot! I guess I am just not used to running in temperatures above 50 lately. :)

    1. Oooh, anything under 80 seriously feels cool these days!

  2. Brain dumps are sometimes the best posts!!!
    I'm with you on the paperless and still a bunch of junk in the mail!!
    And, we are down to 15 school days until summer vacation!

    1. 15?! That's sooo close!!

      These companies must realize we sign up for paperless for a reason! Why don't they get it?!

  3. The "paperless" billing thing!! SO annoying. I think I get something in the mail from chase every single week, and I don't know how to make it stop!

    I got a huge range with how-old as well. Apparently I look a lot younger when I've done my hair and makeup, who knew? :)

    1. I especially hate getting statements that say "this is not a bill" and then it's like, then why are you sending this to me if I just got an email with the same statement!?

  4. I have never used my credit card points... I wonder how many we have!? Now that is a mess I can delve into this summer. I think you should countdown to summer using STUDENT days only. Weekends and Prof. Dev. days don't count cause those are easy. If I count that way, there are 22.5. Omg I can't wait! And we leave for vacation 3 days after school lets out! It's not going to seem REAL! :) The meal you made looks DELICIOUS. You have motivated me to make a similar concoction for this week. It is 70 here today! BEAUTIFUL.

    1. The first time I logged in to see my points I was like OMG I HAVE $4000 IN POINTS! ...It's never gotten that high again lol!

  5. You look totally young! I wish I had your skin. :-) I'm sorry you had cold temperatures on May 1 but in Nova Scotia we actually got snow on April 27 and I had to clean off my car! That stuff was just ridiculous!!!!

    1. This may be the first time I've ever been complimented on my skin. I'm constantly broken out/uneven! Maybe I look young because I have teenage acne lol.

  6. I miss Florida weather! It's still in the 30's in the mornings here. :(

    That age bot was hilarious. I got a range of 23-76. I have no idea how it thought I was that old.

    1. I'd like to run in COLD temperatures one day, but 30 sounds daunting.

      The range of ages on that bot is just ridiculous!