Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Looking Ahead

It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone, based on the infrequency of my posts lately, that I have officially  entered the time of year when I need to buckle down and focus in order to survive! Okay, that's probably a little dramatic, but you fellow teachers out there definitely know what I mean.
Let's just round up to 3000 and call it a day.
Right now I'm absolutely bone tired, and some of the biggest and most difficult (and rewarding) days of the year are on the horizon. Here are some things that I'll be looking forward to over the next couple weeks:

Getting all my finals graded! I was able to grade all of my students' research papers, their writing finals, and other small papers this week. But their reading final still needs to be graded.

Our Trashion Show! This event is totally scripted and performed by the students. They are tasked with making outfits out of recyclable materials. It's a great event but it definitely takes a lot of planning and stress.
Me as a Trashion Show Thanksgiving Meal! This year our theme is countries, so I get to be Parisian.
The DC trip! I honestly can't wait to go to DC this year, even though it means 24 hour days of very little rest.

When we return from DC, the eighth-graders have their graduation ceremony. This is one of the most rewarding events of the year. It's so nice to give the students their diplomas and recognize their hard efforts all year, and we have a big dance with them afterwards. We also have school the next day, so the entire eighth grade team is usually exhausted after chaperoning and cleaning up the dance. (We're often at school until about 11pm that night.)

The last teacher day is June 8. I'm a little bit stressed about getting my entire room packed up, and I'm in charge of one of the skits we'll be performing. So that's adding another layer to my stress-ball-madness.

As far as non-school things go, I'm looking forward to quite a bit! I have Meredith's wedding coming up very soon - she's my oldest friend and it's crazy to think she's getting married. Finally, Matt and I are planning our trip for our 5th wedding anniversary this summer. 
Meredith and I on the first day of school. I think this is 3rd grade for me and 2nd for her; I remember that outfit fondly.
So while I may be incommunicado for the next couple days or weeks, it's not for lack of trying! I'm just trying to stay afloat until June when things start to settle down again.

How's your May rounding out?



  1. I just finished grades and end of the semester stuff a few weeks ago. It was nuts getting everyone's graded papers in, with comments. The end of the semester for a teacher is pretty rough. May has been pretty crazy with the move and everything, but now that that's done, things are chilling out, at least for a little while.

  2. I can definitely relate to end of school year stuff! All of my concerts are over so right now I'm worrying about grades... and our vacation, which starts 3 days after our school lets out! So much to do.

    Why must you pack up your entire room? I must remove things from the floors and cover bulletin boards. I'll clear my desk but that is it!

  3. I can only imagine. As a parent, I am so ready for school to be out (June 2)! Looking forward to hearing from you on "the other side"!

  4. Good luck! It's good that you have lots of fun stuff in your busy month to help get you through it.

    I'm not a teacher and I can't claim to be nearly as busy this month as you are, but May has been a super busy month for me as well. I've had something big going on every weekend, which is unusual for me, I've run two half marathons (also unusual for me), plus I'm hitting the peak weeks of marathon training. Next weekend - the last one of the month - is the only one so far that we don't have something planned. It's gone by SO fast!

  5. Finish strong!! I don't know how you keep up with all those kids!

  6. Good luck with all that! It sounds like you have some fun activities mixed in there too, so hopefully that will help you power through.

  7. Don't blame you- you're one busy lady! I've felt the same way- between work and my trip to Atlanta and general craziness, I haven't had much time to blog (or run, but that's a story for another time). Hopefully once things settle down for you in June you can get back to a normal routine! Congrats on your 5 year anniversary!

  8. Ahhh...end of the year!!! I hope you get some stress-free moments thrown in there! Wishing you all the best for the last two weeks!!! :)

  9. School ends for us on June 11th. I have had a count down of the days on my white board since day 99 out of 180.... I am so ready for this year to be over and to start my new journey. (I am getting a new teaching placement at the same school). Good luck on all of your end of the year events! That Trashion Show looks amazing!

  10. I hope you have a wonderful time with everything coming up ahead!! I am loving your Thanksgiving turkey costume, too cute!