Monday, April 20, 2015

A Happy Camper

 I spent this weekend in the great outdoors! Matt and his race team signed up for a 10-mile SUP race near a campground in St. Pete, so we spent the weekend camping and at the beach. (I didn't have internet access all weekend, so I'm sadly behind on your blogs! I'll be catching up this week.)

I was diligent about applying SPF 50 but I still ended up with an interesting burn pattern. I was able to keep my run-streak going, and it was nice to run somewhere new!
The change of scenery made for an enjoyable morning run.
Saturday we went to the beach so Ben and Matt could check out the conditions. The weather all weekend called for strong winds; Kendall and I got some sun while they tested the waters (literally). Then, we returned to the campground to play some games and clean up for our evening out.
Our comfy campground
Thinking hard playing Sequence.
We caught a Rays vs. Yankees game Saturday was my first game of the season and it was downright dreadful. But Ben said he overheard someone recognize my All-Star jersey/me, so that was pretty cool.
Ben, Kendall, me, Matt, and James looking happy despite the atrocious game we were watching.
Sunday was race day for the boys! Kendall and I set up canopies on the beach and settled in for our 2+ hours of spectating. An hour so later, the wind had picked up so much that our canopy blew over! We had to pack it up and ended up spending another day in the sun.

The conditions were brutal. High winds over the water meant huge waves throughout the entire course.
Nearly finished!
Obviously, those waves were rough on the racers. Matt finished 7th in his division; dozens of people dropped out mid-race. At one point I was worried the rough waters would be too dangerous; I've never felt so relieved to see him coming into the finish!
He looks a little tired, no?
I cooled off with a snow cone the size of my head!
This was the first time we've camped in ages. I loved not having to worry about contacts and glasses the entire time. We had a blast, but we were definitely super busy; next time I'll want to relax more.

After we got home Sunday evening, I fit in a speedy 2-miler. Matt was walking on the golf course to stretch out his muscles after the long drive home and got a couple pictures of me as I finished up.
If you're not on Instagram, you're missing out on the post-run collapse picture he caught.
So, the streak is going strong! Today's run will be the halfway point and I'm feeling great: motivated, strong, and actually enjoying myself. I'm glad I had the chance to run during an inconvenient time (camping) because it helped reaffirm my dedication; I feel like the streak is working.

Are you a fan of camping?
Do you prefer the beach or the woods?



  1. Looks like a super fun weekend! I haven't camped in years...I always have a great time, but it's always tough for me to get together with friends. If I had to choose though, I'd probably prefer the beach!

    1. I used to camp all the time, but it feels like so much work now! But it is nice to be able to make time with friends and dedicate the weekend to relaxing!

  2. I'm not a camping fan - I would have spent the days out but the nights I like to be in an air conditioned place with a soft bed!!!
    I didn't know there were SUP races - fun!

    1. It's a little late in the year for camping; we had a fan going in our tent at night so it was okay. But usually we camp in winter!

      SUP races started in Cali and are starting to get big here in FL now!

  3. I've actually never been camping before! That sounds like a fun time though, and I'm glad to hear Matt made it back safely. 10 miles on a SUP sounds really tough!

    1. Matt didn't wear his leash on the race so I was especially freaked out.

  4. I love camping. I have never camped on the beach (because it's way too cold here), so we stick to places with the river running through. Or backpacking up to a lake. Nature is where I belong and it is so, so nice to disconnect from social media and every day life for a short time.

    Congratulations to Matt for finishing such a tough race! I can't even imagine 10 miles of SUP. I can't even imagine ONE mile. You are doing awesome on your streak! Go Ali!

    1. Our campgrounds had terrible reception, so we were forced to not use our phones at all. It was really nice!

  5. Wow that is a long race to paddle board! He looks like he worked hard. Matt is so cute! You guys are a good lookin' couple. :)

    I do NOT like camping. I like showers and toilets and my bed and my kitties.

    1. I really do prefer a bed and breakfast over a campsite, but once in awhile it's kind of a nice makes you appreciate your comfy home! haha