Wednesday, December 24, 2014

12 Months of Posts

I think I kind of hit my blogging stride in 2014! I wrote a few posts I can really be proud of...and some that I just enjoy reading again to motivate myself or relive a particularly wonderful moment in time. Here are my favorite posts from the last twelve months - not counting race recaps, because those are always easy to find and reread!

A Sunshiney Start - A little "getting to know you" post to start the new year.
Myths About Gluten - Debunking some of the most pervasive and annoying gluten myths.

My Guest post in Heather's blog about why, despite setbacks, I plan to run a marathon. (Going back to read this one after completing Space Coast was especially poignant.)

Two Great Runs - Because I need the reminder that I can be fast if I put the effort into it.
What I Learned from My Half Marathons - Each of my half marathons taught me an important lesson; if you're running a race without ever learning from it, you're doing something wrong.
I Want... - Setting priorities and reminding myself what's important in life.

When I Had a Thigh Gap - A reminder that running has changed my body for the best.

The Best Goodbye - Todd is due back from his deployment in just a few months now!
How to Not Do Speedwork - I know we've all had workouts like this! I can't reread this without laughing.
I Run... - for National Running Day
"I Just Need A Cookie on A String in Front of Me" - Caryn's foray into running started with some keen (and hilarious) observations and questions.

The Definition of Failure - Sometimes not completing a run teaches us just as much as getting our miles in.
New Friends & A Workout - Meeting far-away running friends!

Back on Track - Running is a lifetime commitment. Some weeks will be "off". It always feels good when things align again.
Relentless Forward Progress - My first 3-hour training run and a video of Archie!

Victory - Finally breaking through a mental barrier and getting 15 miles done!
Trust in Your Training - A look back on my training to help rev me up for 20 miles.

...And Then I Ran 20 Miles - And it was awesome!

I Love Running! - My first run post-marathon was amazing and life-affirming.
One unfortunate thing about blogging is that, unlike with a book, it's hard to bookmark and go back to posts and entries that meant a lot to you. I read so many inspiring blogs and I "favorite" posts via bloglovin', but I rarely have a chance to go back and reread those entries that I love so much.

Share a link to one of your favorite posts (from your own blog or another) in the comments!
In general, what are your favorite kinds of posts to write? What are your favorite to read?



  1. Thanks for sharing! Look forward to reading them. My favorite posts to write/read are recaps :)

    1. I love reading recaps. They're so inspiring!

  2. Thank you for sharing your favorite posts! My favorite one you wrote (that you included here) was you 20 miler. :) I enjoy reading blog posts about runs, of course, but I am also a nosy person and like to see pics and posts about non running stuff in a blogger's life! And of course you do that, so it satisfies my nosiness, and obviously lets us get to know you better! :)

    My favorite posts to write are the funny ones!

    1. I was wary about sharing more non-running stuff because my blog is about running but I do like being able to share more and branch out! So I'm glad you like that. :)

      I love your funny posts! I'm not a naturally funny person so I never write funny stuff lol.

  3. I loved your series from All Star Weekend! Even though I'm not a baseball fan I was so excited for you and I know it must have been an incredible and rewarding experience!

    I really liked your thigh gap post. I thought it was a really important one to put out there. Sometimes those posts are difficult to read but therapeutic to write and also just really important.

    1. It was fun to go back and read the All Star posts. It still feels like a total dream.

      I agree on all points re: the thigh gap post.

  4. I loved rereading these posts, Ali :) I agree with Kristina - your thigh gap post was exactly what I needed to read.
    Thank you for recapping the year for us!

  5. I love this! Every now and then when I am feeling discouraged about my running, I read my recap on my first race. It makes me see where I was...vs where I am...there are others I love but that really hits me deep each time. Its where my whole running life began again for me and its nice to remind ourselves of the good in life. Now you have made me want to go back over some more of my posts! :)

    1. Ooh, I wish I had been blogging when I ran my first race. It would be nice to remember it better. It's so awesome that you can go back and reread that one...using yourself for inspiration is just amazing.