Thursday, September 18, 2014

Trying New Things

Sometimes the best way to beat impending burnout is by mixing things up. 

This week I've been doing quite a bit of that. Monday I ran the golf course behind my house for the first time and eschewed music, and the results were excellent. I kept a good pace, even for an easy run, and thoroughly enjoyed myself.
A winding path replete with sprinklers...New favorite route!
In fact, mentally, it was the best run I've had in a long time.

Wednesday, I met Kristin to run FGCU's campus and we finished the two-mile run with another first for me: running up and down the parking garage. I admit, I almost tossed my cookies at one point on this run. Even with a slower overall pace, the end of this run really had my heart-rate up and my legs thrumming.
That blob of color is the garage; I'll definitely need to do this one again, especially if it's ever storming too hard to run in the elements.
I'm going to check out a fancy neighborhood nearby for my long run Saturday. I think the new venue will put some pep in my step. And if I park in just the right spot, I'll be able to stash water and visit a McDonald's, so I'll be able to avoid wearing my fuelbelt.

I think, though, that I'll draw the line at trying something this new anytime soon:
This flyer was on Matt's car after one of his SUP races. Now I always scope out the racers and wonder who left it!
And speaking of newness and changes, this illustration has been going around Facebook. (I wish I knew where it originated so I could give proper credit!) In 1994 I was still doing that whole "running around because I'm a kid" thing, as opposed to running as sport. I didn't start running until there were Nike+ chips and Nano iPods! But it's interesting to compare the difference.
I am so guilty of this, and totally unashamed!
Is the advent of running gear and technology a good thing? I definitely think so for the most part, but there must have been a real freedom to running when none of that was available. I wonder if runners got lost a lot.

Have you tried anything new lately?
Would you ever do a nude race? Even though I could do this nude race with clothes on, I don't have much desire to run with a bunch of naked, sweaty people.
What were you up to in 1994?



  1. No to the nude run. Or anything nude outside of the house.

    1994. Not a good year for me. And most definitely not running yet.

    1. Heh, yeah, the nude run isn't exactly on my bucket list!

  2. I love that cartoon! I think I said this before, but I would love to do a nude race. There is a place that does one several times a year and it's only like an hour and a half from where I live. Paul is not happy about it but I WILL do it someday! What was I up to in '94??? Well, I was 12, so that means I was in 7th grade. I think I was reading a lot of Fear Street books and watching Sister, Sister.

    1. Oh. I also wanted to mention that the parking garage thing is a GREAT idea. I actually did it by accident on Tuesday. I couldn't remember where I parked my car in the hospital parking garage on Tuesday. Paul and I looked around a little bit together, then finally he walked over to a bench and wait for me while I ran up and down the garage in my gladiator sandals looking for my car. I am surprised I didn't get plantar facciitis.

    2. I thought of you when I saw this flyer because you had said you'd do a nude run. I think it would be liberating but...just not my thing! Sister, Sister...that brings back memories!

      I'm thinking of adding the parking garage a couple times a month and just doing it 3 or 4 times instead of just once at the end of a run. It's like hill repeats!

  3. Hmmm, 1994--I think I was running after YOU. You were probably carrying Samantha.

  4. Running up the parking garage is so HARDCORE! Wow!!!

    I ran in a super fancy neighborhood over the weekend and the huge houses with their crazy lawn statues definitely kept me distracted! I always wondered who bought those giant gold lion statues... and now I (kind of) know! haha

    1. I love running fancy Florida neighborhoods. We really know how to do architecture and landscaping here lol.

  5. There are several reasons why I would not do a nude run, but modesty isn't one of them. Ask any of my friends and they will tell you that I am probably the least modest person on the planet. I mostly would not run one because it sounds like it would hurt.... No bra?! No thank you!

    I am glad you're switching up your runs and finding them exciting! Good luck on your long run this weekend!!