Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Odds & Ends

1 - I'm like, the worst blogger in the world right now. Updates are slow, comments are behind...But it's not just on the blog. I've been kind of avoiding the internet in general. I've developed, overnight, it seems, some kind of phobia of checking my email or looking at Facebook. I think knowing how behind I am on it all just adds fuel to the anxiety, but I can't seem to get around it. It'll be nice when the school year isn't "new" anymore and things fall back into routine.
Yep. Serious avoidance issues right now.
2 - The other night Matt and I went to the gas station to get ice cream. They opened a frozen yogurt bar and we basically had the most ridiculous "date night" ever. But it was delicious.

3 - After ice cream, I ran. I might have skipped it because my giant helping of peanut butter yogurt, Butterfinger, and hot caramel wasn't the best fuel, but I couldn't leave Kristin hanging! I haven't seen her since June. It was amazing to catch up, and it was nice to remember that running with a buddy can be super motivating and fun.
After the best 3 miles I've had in awhile!
4 - My legs feel much better adapted this week. No more stiff joints or sore hamstrings. I think my long run will stand a chance this weekend. I have noticed that I keep waking up with a sore back, though. Am I just getting old?

5 - Speaking of pain, when I went home last weekend for Matt's race and saw my dad, he spent about an hour regaling us with tales of his most recent surgeries. Remind me that if I ever need a crown put in or a tooth drilled, I should be unconscious for it. Also, this man has guts of steel; when he had a tendon cut in his hand to deal with his arthritis, he was fully awake and watched the doctor do the surgery. Apparently watching your tendons move inside your hand is really awesome. Yeah.
I didn't take any pictures of his crazy surgery scars, so here's a picture from a much prettier scene from the weekend.
6 - Matt has been working tirelessly on our garage. The shelves are up, the paddleboards hung, his workbench built from scratch. I'm so glad I married someone who knows his way around power-tools!

7 - I took a bunch of sequins off a shirt last week and now we're finding them all over the house. I swear I threw them in the garbage, but they've managed to migrate all over the place.

8 - Uplifting text conversations make my day. Seriously.

I'm so grateful that after last weekend's aborted long run, my running friends were there to pick me back up!
9 - Hilarious autocorrect situations also make my day.

This was in regards to the ice bucket challenge...My autocorrect is dirty!
10 - I had over 2200 photos on my iPhone and I deleted all but a dozen today because my memory was full. I kept photos of old students' notes on my whiteboard, important race photos, photos of my students doing Zumba last year, All Star photos, and some favorite family/friends pictures; now I have 204.

So, that's my life this week. I'll try to be more present! I hate putting the blogging world on the back-burner because I find it so motivating and I care about what you all are up to...but life is just a little crazy at the moment!

Do you delete old photos from your phone once you've uploaded them?
Is ice cream for dinner ever acceptable?
What is your favorite ice cream topping? I go for Butterfinger every time.


  1. For some bizarre reason my phone just completely shut down as I was putting this comment in LOL. I am so glad you had a great run this week! Also I would love some of that frozen yogurt!! I have also fallen behind in blog reading and commenting. And technically I am not even back to work yet! I will catch up over coffee tomorrow morning.

  2. Blogging has definitely gone on the back burner for me as well. I just find that I have other things I'd rather be doing. Not that I don't love blogging. It's like, suddenly it's 10pm and I need to be sleeping instead of writing a post! I have an issue with deleting photos. I have over 2,000 as well. A couple of weeks ago, I decided to upload some of them to my computer and delete them from my phone. Somehow, I've accumulated about the same amount that I deleted. I just can't! I commend you for getting down to 200!!!!

  3. So weird!!! Just last week my phone said I had used up all my storage space and I had to go through and delete a bunch of pictures too... it also happened to a good friend of mine and a co-worker all within a 48-hour period. How is it we're all suddenly hitting this limit at the same time? I wonder if there was some kind of bug in the latest version of the iPhone software that makes it think we're out of storage?! I ended up uploading all of my pics to Google+. I didn't realize but the Google+ app can automatically back up all of your photos in real time. That's super useful (and storage is unlimited)!

  4. I love getting encouraging texts from running friends...we are often so hard on ourselves and having others remind us that we are still doing great...really helps!!

  5. I am glad your hammies are feeling better! I never wake up with a sore back unless I sleep on it funny, but the past year or so I've been getting a sore back while SHOPPING. How ridiculous is that? I am currently feeling FB anxiety because I haven't checked it last night and I feel the NEED to scroll all the way down and at least skim the posts....

  6. This made me day! I enjoyed our conversation the other night :)
    Don't feel bad about blogging - we all have those times where we just can't! I remember when I started my leave last year, I took almost a month off from blogging because I was so busy. We have our highs and our lows!
    I have been taking a few days off from social media during the week. I will completely log out of everything so I'm not tempted to hit the "app" and take a peek of what is going on. I find it has really helped me!
    Also, I hope you have a great long run this weekend! You will rock it! How many miles are scheduled??