Sunday, June 8, 2014

This Weekend in Pictures

I think I'm going to consider this my first official weekend of summer. It included everything a typical summer weekend should...the beach, a nice run, and baseball. And it's not over yet! Fair warning: this post is image-heavy!

Thursday & Friday
We went to stay the last couple days at my father-in-law's timeshare. Yes, even Floridians need a beach vacation once in awhile! I wanted to just enjoy myself and let the relaxation soak in, so I didn't break out my phone for pictures until Friday night's sunset.

A perfect view.
Matt looks like he's on fire!
Moments like this remind me of how lucky I am.
We started the day with a nice run. Friday night we stayed up with the in-laws and I was lucky to even roll out of bed even though I planned 5 miles and only did 4, I still gave myself a pat on the back. This was my first morning run of summer, but it won't be my last. Marathon training means morning runs.

Matt longboarded beside me and we ran through St. Armand's Circle and took in the views of the bay.

Totally worth getting up after six fitful hours "sleeping" on a pullout couch.
I was obviously, and happily, distracted by the view.
I love how quiet it is! Usually this area is not fit for those with claustrophobia!
Even the neighborhood is pretty and runner-friendly!
That evening, we met some old college friends for a Rays game. It was Matt's and my first game of the official season - we saw them in spring training. It was a Summer Concert Series game, and Weezer was the band for the night. They played all the old 90s stuff I just love, and it was a great time!
The game started with a tribute to Don Zimmer, who passed away this week. It was really moving.
We hung out on the new boardwalk and had a great view right under the scoreboard.
This may just be our next holiday card.
The BEST part of the night was running into a sorority sister who I haven't seen in years! Stereotypical shrieking and hugs may have happened.
Weezer out on the field.

Matt had a SUP race Sunday morning. Last time he raced at this venue, I nearly died of heatstroke. So we made sure to come prepared this year. The six-mile race was pretty brutal in that heat, but Matt kept a 12:xx pace, which is crazy fast for paddling; he was very pleased with that. He placed third in the 200-meter sprint after the six-miler.
Pre-race setup. Not too shabby!
Getting to the starting line.
And they're off!
A nice action shot toward the end of the race.
Of course, after all this, we were super exhausted. We came back after lunch and napped. We'll be back at the Rays game Monday with a special twist...

I've been selected as one of three finalists for the Rays for MLB's All-Star Teachers competition. Just making it this far is seriously amazing, and I'm totally humbled; the two other Rays teachers are so deserving. Monday, we go out on the field pre-game for a recognition ceremony. I'm pretty terrified, but it should be really fun and special too!
If you want to check out the nominees, click here. Each team has three finalists, so if you're not a Rays fan, there are still plenty of teachers to vote for!

How was your weekend?
Do you feel like summer has started yet?
Who's your favorite baseball team?



  1. Wow-you are in such a beautiful place! Congrats to Matt!!!! I'd be terrified doing a SUP race, lol. I don't think my balance is up to par! I'm so eager for summer vacation! June 30 seems to be taking forever!!!!!

    1. And of course congratulations on your nomination!!!

    2. Yeah, SUP racing definitely makes me nervous! 19 days! You're nearly there!

  2. Oh my goodness. Those photos are phenomenal! You are so beautiful! Congratulations on being a finalist! That's so awesome!

    1. Thank you!

      Yeah, I'm pretty proud of those photos to be honest. They turned out really well!

  3. You sooooo deserve that nomination!! Congrats and enjoy every second out on the field!!

    I really do wish paddle boating was bigger here in NS as I think it's something I'd really enjoy. Looks like you had an amazing first weekend of summer!!

    1. I wonder if there's anywhere in NS where you could rent boards to take on a lake...I'm sure SUP is going to get popular up there sooner than later!

  4. I love all of your pictures! Every time I see people SUPing I think of you :) I am putting it on my to-do list to try this summer because your pictures always make it look so fun. Congrats on being a finalist, which I am sure is much deserved. I hope you win Mrs. K!

    1. I'm glad you're going to try SUP...I think you'll love it!

  5. I love that picture of you and Matt! Congrats to him for the 12 pace :D
    And congrats on the nomination - you should definitely win :)

    1. Thank you! And I'll pass along the congrats...he feels pretty accomplished!

  6. Woohoo congrats on your teaching nomination! :) This weekend I felt like it was summer but we have in-service 3 days this week so right now I do not feel like it is summer haha.

    1. Isn't it such a tease how as we get closer to summer, weekends feel like you're already on break, even if you still have to teach Monday? I've been feeling that way since finals ended May14, but we didn't finish until May 28! lol