Thursday, April 17, 2014


I don't usually do the whole "throwback Thursday" thing...not because I don't like it. I definitely get a kick out of seeing everyone's old pictures! No, it's more that I'm not much of a planner when it comes to HtGR. I kind of just...write what comes to mind.

But after seeing Kristina's hilarious and nostalgic post about the early days of Facebook, I took myself on a little tour of old photos. And then I was overwhelmed with memories and warm feelings, and I just had to share. I'm looking at two ends of the spectrum today...childhood and college!

First, let's start with the early days.
My sister and I all set for Halloween! My mom sewed our costumes for us pretty much every year.
Seriously, how perfect is that clock costume? Steph looks fabulous. She and I had an interesting relationship as kids. We loved to play together and were best friends, but once in awhile things took an ugly turn. She once sat on me and ripped out a chunk of my hair. And yes, she's the younger one.
Randomly taking a nap together in the foyer of our house.
Of course, it wouldn't be the 90s without some awesome hair cuts and questionable outfits. I couldn't bring myself to embarrass my siblings that much on the internet, so I kept it tame:

For real, still one of my favorite pictures ever.
Stephie and I with dad.
I can still close my eyes and walk through that house. I remember each door, the wallpaper, the carpet in each room... It's burned into my memory.

Of course, you can't stay young forever. As I was looking at old pictures from college, I was amazed by how many photos show the friends we've seen at the last couple weddings we've attended. It's crazy to think how long we've all been friends now, and how much they've shaped my life. We've truly been through some formative years together!

A much younger Matt with Mark and Oden. Recognize them?
Cayla and me taking bathroom pictures at formal, in the days when everyone still used real cameras.
This was around when Matt and I first began dating.
We used to try to see as much of each other as we could over the summer. We went boating at Mark's house, went to Jeff's for parties...and basically spent summers driving all over the state to stay in touch.
Matt, Mark, Cayla, and Jeff on "disappearing island" one night.
Back when I first met Matt...yep, take a long look. That's him under all that hair. This was freshman year, when I was actually dating Jeff and only knew Matt as "Kearney".
 I was known to get a little silly when I drank, as captured below.
I was trying to be sneaky and get pictures of people without their noticing.
But eventually, college had to end. And when it did, I was surrounded by friends, but ready to move on to the next stage of life. (Which really just ended up being more school. Maybe next week I'll regale you with tales of grad school.)
With my sorority sisters after graduation. Guess which one is me! (We were the brunette sorority haha.)
Notice that there are NO running or workout pictures? I hated exercise until I went to grad school. But then, it was the thing that helped me get through it, in the end. Funny how things work out!

When did you join Facebook?
Are there any super old, embarrassing photos of you from college floating around the internet?



  1. Ali, you look exactly the same, even as little kid! :) I didn't do anything in college, so I do not believe there were any pictures taken. I just say in my room and studied and watched Forensic Files the whole time haha. I joined Facebook in college, back when it was only for college students. I remember being in my dorm room browsing around on FB so it had to have been winter of 2004, which is when facebook began. I guess I was one of the pioneers! (It could not have been later because I went home that summer and then did student teaching in the fall... the only way I was on FB in my dorm room was if I joined right when it started.)

    1. I'm definitely one of those people whose face stays the same over the years!

  2. You were just too cute! I love seeing pictures of my blends before they blogged. This is great!

    1. Ha, me too! I love seeing throwback stuff!

  3. What a cutie patootie! This was an awesome post! I love throwbacks!
    I joined FB in 2006 and then deleted it. I rejoined in 2009/2010 and I have had a love/hate relationship with it :)
    The most embarrassing photo of me is with my cousins. When we were little, my aunt had a pool and we there EVERY DAY. She also happened to babysit us while our parents were at work. We were water bugs and spent almost every second in the pool. Boy, did we have tans. My family thought it would be hilarious if they took a photo of us NAKED! We stripped down and got in order from oldest to youngest {I'm the oldest}. They took a picture of our booties with our tan lines.
    My aunt still threatens us with that photo and putting it on FB. I would die! I don't think Gunshow has ever seen it and I hope he doesn't!

    1. hahaha that would be an embarrassing picture to wind up on facebook!!! Some people don't realize that "privacy" is a pretty loose term these days!

  4. Somehow I completely missed this post! That picture of you on the floor being sneaky is too funny. Whenever I drank in college I somehow always ended up rolling around on the floor. It was my signature move I guess :)

    1. You were probably getting ready for your cruise ;o) We definitely shared a college-drinking signature! The floor was truly my friend haha.