Saturday, April 26, 2014

Liebster Awards

First, I want to thank you all for the kind and supportive comments on my last post. I don't often look back at that time period of my life, but sometimes we need to share those things...especially if it could mean helping others.

Now onto some fun things! I always like when these awards come around. It gives me a chance to hit pause on blogging solely about training. And hopefully you all don't mind getting to know the girl behind the blog!

This time around, I've been nominated by Heather at Run Like A G!, and Kristina, at Kristinia's Blog About Running and Life. Both of these bloggers are honest, funny, spirited, and determined. I love reading their blogs, and if you aren't following them yet, you really should!
This award is given to bloggers we appreciate and enjoy following. It's a great way to spread the love! The blogger who nominates you asks a set of questions for you to answer, and you then nominate 11 more bloggers and ask them more questions!

Here are my questions from Kristina:

1. If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go and who would you bring with you? I would go to Hawaii, and I'd bring Matt, my running stuff, and our paddling stuff!

2. What was the name of your first pet, and how did you come up with it? Our first family dogs were Bowie and Bugle (Bowie for David Bowie, and Bugle because she was a beagle and sounded like a bugle horn). But the first dog I got a say in naming was JT. His name was a compromise between my siblings - James (because we liked it) and Thomas (for my grandpa). We called him Jake, too, for short. The first pet I ever got to name was my dog, Toby, whose name just came to me.
Here's JT. He was seriously the sweetest dog that ever lived.

Toby Hugo was my first "just mine" pet...and yes, she's a girl, despite her name.
Toby was my "bribe" for moving to Florida. She got me through some of my hardest years. She was totally a mischief-maker, but a really sweet, loving, and loyal dog at heart. (Notice that they're on the same rugs in these pictures, but they were taken years apart...JT's photo was taken in our first house, in Ohio! He moved to Florida with us.)

3. If you could run with any one person at your next race, who would it be and why? Actually, I'd LOVE to race with some of my virtual friends - the other bloggers and online running club members who have meant so much to me! Can we make this happen?

4. If the fire alarm in your house goes off, which three things do you take with you as you run out of the house? Archie, my phone, and my computer. (I'm assuming Matt can save himself!)
Who could leave this little fluffer behind?!
5. Where did you go on your honeymoon (or where did you go on your favorite vacation)? We took a road trip to North Carolina. We live near the beach, so it was nice to have a change of scenery and a different kind of honeymoon than the usual.
Atop Grandfather Mountain. I look happy, but I was truly terrified the entire time.
6. What is your favorite beverage? Alcoholic or nonalcoholic. Coffee and water. I can't live without them!

7. What is your absolute favorite TV show of all time? This is hard...Back when I had favorite TV shows, I was pretty obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but while I like TV, I don't think I really have a favorite. I do love some good 90s classics, like Friends, Seinfeld, and of course Boy Meets World and Saved by the Bell.
That hair, that shirt, that dreamy and cool, am I right?
8. What is your favorite cross training activity? T25 has been my go-to lately, and I love it! But I've really been missing paddling.

9. Are you hoping to PR at any distances this year? Which ones? I'm planning to run my first full marathon - automatic PR!

10. If you had to give up one of your senses (hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, feeling) which would it be and why? Taste, for sure. It would be so much easier to be healthy if I couldn't taste deliciously bad-for-you foods!

My questions from Heather:

{1} What state do you live in? Sunny Florida...we're totally messed up politically and socially, but I know you're jealous of our weather!

{2} You won a free entry for ANY marathon in the world, which would you choose? Hands down, the Loch Ness Marathon.
I got to see Loch Ness in 2007. The picture doesn't do it justice.
{3} Will you run a marathon? If everything goes as planned, yes! On November 30 this year.

{4} What does training look like for you, when you are in training for a race? I run about 3-4 days a week, including a long run on weekends. I try to cross-train consistently, too.

{5} What is your favorite course to run? I love running around my parents' neighborhood; it's gorgeous and I always see some deer!
The best motivation to run early when I visit them is that I always get to see these guys! (My sister and I called them "Tobies" because they look like Toby (pictured above, of course).
{6} How many hours of sleep do you get? Ugh. Not enough. I need about 9 to function but I squeak by with 7 most nights.

{7} What is your favorite spring/summer activity? Relaxing and reading outside.

{8} What is something on your bucket list? To sky dive!

{9} What is your favorite food? Sushi. No question about it!

{10}What is your favorite ice cream flavor? I love all ice cream. This is like asking a mother who her favorite child is! lol
But as long as we're rating ice creams, these Core flavors from Ben & Jerry's earn an 11/10.
{11} What is your favorite quote? "The race is long and, in the end, it's only with yourself." 
I should really get a picture of it all healed up for you guys.
I'm nominating everyone! Answer any/all of the questions in the comments below!



  1. Congrats Ali! I have loved your blog ever since I found it. I really like how these posts allow you to get to know everyone a little more. P.S. I LOVE Zach Morris & THAT phone! LOL. Every time Matt and I see one of those old school phones, we call it a Zach Morris Phone :D

    1. Haha I call it the Zach Morris Phone, too!! Sad truth: my students didn't get that reference at first, and I had to explain what the phone looked liked. What is becoming of after-school programming?!

  2. Yes! We need to find a fun race and all meet up. We could share a house, eat sushi, and watch girl movies! I want to meet everyone!

    1. OMG RUNNING, SLEEPOVERS, SUSHI, MOVIES?! I am so in. Winter break 2014 anyone?! haha

  3. I love NotRachem's much fun would that be? I don't think we would get your (and mine) required # of sleep hours though. I am missing Archie videos on instagram....please post more!!

    Remember when you were slightly scared of it's on the list of items to take with you! LOVE IT!!!

    1. I hope you enjoyed the video I posted for you! :o) I love that you like Archie videos!!

  4. I'm with Rachel too!!!! Oh and I do want to see your healed up tattoo. Such a great quote.

    1. If I knew how to set this all up, I totally would. It would be awesome to all run together! Find a race we could all do and meetup for a weekend or something!

  5. I LOVED Buffy too! I re-watch the Angel series about once every two years :)

    Sky diving looks both amazing and terrifying. I bungy jumped once when I was about 14 and it was awesome, but I don't think I would do it again, haha.

    1. I liked Angel, but I liked it most when there was Buffy crossover episodes. Once he and Cordelia got together, I didn't love it, but I did like when Spike joined! Their bro-mance was the best!

  6. I totally think we should do Blogger 2016! It gives us roughly two years to hatch out the details, save, and plan! Wouldn't that be fabulous?!?!?!?!!?!?

    1. Maybe I should email all the bloggers I'd want to see and actually try to get something set up. It would make my LIFE!