Monday, March 31, 2014

I Guess I'm Just That Age

It's a good thing I love weddings, because it seems my friends have all hit this particular milestone at once. This weekend took us up to Port Orange - the same city where the March 1 wedding was held. To say we were happy to go would be an understatement.

This wedding was especially important because Matt was a best man. Actually, he was one of three best men. Mark, the groom, is just too likeable and loyal to choose just one. Like Jeff and Cayla, we've known Mark for nearly a decade, and Shane has been an important staple in our lives for about four years now, so obviously this wedding was going to be amazing just based on that.
Saturday morning, the first photo of the day: Matt and Mark greeted each other with a warm hug.
We arrived at Mark and Shane's house late Thursday. While the boys went to grab food, Shane and I stayed up until the wee hours talking about the hilarious antics of our respective men. I love the ease and comfort of seeing college friends; it's always like no time has passed at all. (I guess it kind of hadn't...we had just seen them three weeks ago!)
Shane and the maid-of-honor, twin sister Danielle, getting their toes done!
My hip had been hurting Thursday, and I woke up to run Friday but immediately decided against it. I was exhausted, and my hip was just twinge-y enough to be a good excuse. Instead, I spent Friday picking up one of the other best men from the airport, then got my nails done with the bridal party before the rehearsal.
The three best men awaiting instructions at the rehearsal.
Afterward, we grabbed dinner and drinks in Daytona.
More socializing...we rarely see these guys, so we had to squeeze as much time in as possible!
Saturday, I rolled out of bed early. I was hoping for rain, but it chose to hold off until the ceremony. We stayed Friday night at Mark's parents' house, and their neighborhood is just gorgeous for running.
Heels, traveling, and dehydration caused some intense calf pain in the first half of the run, so I stretched a little while taking in this gorgeous view.
I wanted to get in six miles; I paused about halfway through to stretch my calves and enjoy the view. I ended up at 5.6, because I was worried toward the end that I might be lost and turned on Google Maps to get myself back home!
Mark's parents' backyard...what a great place to end a run!
When I got back to the house, Matt voiced his concern that he wouldn't be able to go over his speech/have help getting ready without me. I reminded him that he had a tux to wear, and really wouldn't need my help.
I did my hair and makeup, then took a sneaky picture of the dress.
I had the honor of getting ready with the bridal party and riding over to the church in the limo, so I got to have a sneak peek at the dress.
Serious perfection right here!
The limo was a 30-person stretch Hummer. Way more appropriate for clubbing than church!
The wedding was beautiful, of course, and I choked up no less than four times during the first ten minutes alone.
Truly meant to be :)
What else is there to say about weddings? I got to see old college friends, we enjoyed amazing food, and we danced the night away.

The speeches were equal parts poignant and funny.
Can't get enough of these guys!
It was Cayla's turn to just enjoy the festivities!
I seriously think tuxes should be appropriate for daily wear!
The beautiful bride!
Cayla and I agree: being a guest is definitely more fun and less stressful than being the bride!
Mark's parents were kind enough to give us their hotel room, so we were right there for the after-party that night, and had breakfast with the newlyweds the next morning.

I'm tempted to strong-arm some people into getting married soon just so we can go enjoy yet another wedding. Despite the driving and the residual exhaustion I'm feeling today, it was still a fantastic and perfect weekend.

Did your friends all start getting married at the same time?
How do you deal with running while traveling? 
Do you like to run before a big day? Even though getting up early after a late night out is tough, I know a morning run will give me energy for later in the day. Plus, I love celebrating events with a good run!



  1. Great dress! And your hubby look hoooooot in that tux! I love going to weddings but we don't get invited to many. I love dressing up and dancing. :)

    1. I knooow, he cleans up so nicely!! I need to bully him into looking nice everyday haha!

  2. I love weddings :)
    I only have one set of friends who have gotten married. We went to their wedding and it was a gorgeous fall wedding. I am in one my bestie's wedding in September - so that will be really fun! I honestly haven't been to a wedding since my own {2012}!!! I can't wait to just be a guest at one! I agree it is way less stressful!!!!

    1. Oh, it'll be SO fun to be in your friend's wedding! Enjoy it!!

  3. Last year was the year of weddings. It started with my older sister, then my other sister, then boyfriend's sister. Now, one of my very best friends from high school is getting married in June and one of my good friends in my cohort is getting married in July. It's going to be a summer of weddings!

    Your dress is absolutely amazing!!! Where did you get it? I need a red dress in my life. I also LOVE your hair. I couldn't do that if I tried! You are such a great looking couple.

    1. I got it...don't a website called Nasty Gal. They have some really fun dresses and they're good quality!

  4. Your dress is soo pretty and the bride's dress is gorgeous! She looks like a princess!

    I completely agree that a tux should be daily wear ... that would be awesome :)

    Most of my friends got married around 25 so now they're all having babies! Adam and I aren't planning to have any children of our own, but we are looking forward to being the cool babysitters!

    1. She seriously looked like the perfect cake, so immaculate.

      We're not planning on kids either. It's soo nice to know more people who are like-minded!

  5. Looks like it was a great weekend! (PS. You two looked fab!)

  6. Nails > run ;) It's definitely good that you listened to your body! :D You look beautiful, btw!

    1. Nails + bonding > run! It was worth it. Thanks :)