Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Review Times Two!

Today I bring you two reviews! First, let's talk hydration. A few weeks ago, I received an email from Ignite Naturals about trying their electrolyte powders. This is the first time I've ever received a free sample of a product to try and review.

(Is this where I say that I'm not being paid for this review, and my opinions are my own.)
From the Ignite Naturals website.
The sample came in a convenient little box filled with multiple packets of the Dragonfruit Lemon Lime, Tangerine Passion Fruit, and Blueberry flavors. I'm interested to see that they have an unsweet flavor to offer as well.

Things I love:
  • The powder allows you to make your drink as diluted or strong as you want.
  • The mix is all-natural, GMO free, completely plant-based, and gluten free.
  • There are no stimulants, artificial sweeteners, or processed sugars.
  • I've used it post-workout a few times in the past week and feel more hydrated and less sore afterward, so I think it works!
Now, there is one drawback here, but it's probably due to the facts that 1) I'm a sugar fiend, and 2) I don't usually drink electrolyte beverages anyway. No matter how I mixed the flavors, they just didn't pack the same sweet punch as other "sports drinks" I've had.

Also, I've noticed it's pretty good at getting my digestion moving, so I like to drink it after a run, not during.

But if you don't like a super-sweet drink on the run and want an electrolyte drink that doesn't list a million artificial ingredients on its label, I highly recommend it. The Tangerine is my favorite flavor, hands down.
My second review today is for something I've been wanting ever since Ragnar. If you recall, there were free sports massages offered at exchange 13, and I was all about that. Well, my masseur used The Stick on my calves, and I was sold.

After my last half, I asked (awkwardly) for the masseur to use the Stick on me, and again this tool moved up my "want" list to my "must have" list.

My MIL unknowingly purchased this for me when she got me a gift card to Fit2Run for my birthday. (The card was meant for sunglasses, but since Meg got me a pair, I chose to go another route.)

 This little beauty is magical. I chose to get the smallest size, but it comes in three lengths. The longer the Stick the more versatile, but since I'll mostly be using this on my calves and quads, the shortest length works just fine.
As you can see, the Stick is designed with special plastic links (for lack of a better term) that move and adjust under pressure, so you always get a really great massage on just the points where you need it most.
Archie was VERY interested.
 There's no need to press hard, and the instructions advise that you "don't have to hurt the muscle to help the muscle." An easy roll along the leg is enough to loosen things up for immediate relief.
Serious business.
The Stick is a nice complement to my foam roller. It makes it easier to focus on a single point; not to mention that rolling this way is faster and takes less balancing! This is for sure my new most favorite thing ever.

What are your thoughts on electrolyte drinks?
Do you use a stick roller?



  1. I really dislike all electrolyte drinks because they are so sweet... I will have to give the unsweet version of the IN Refresh a try!

    I looooove the stick roller, although I have a knockoff version I got at Target for only $20 :)

    1. I figure any tough stick that rolls is good...I used to use a rolling pin haha! But I do love the way the links on the Stick work.

  2. I absolutely LOVE The Stick. I was introduced to it last year after the 8.75 mile race and I died and went to heaven.

    I've never used electrolyte drinks because they are pretty gross. These sound like they will be okay in terms of taste for me.

    1. I'm on board with you...not a huge fan of how most sports drinks taste. These took some trial and error as far as how diluted to make them, but they're pretty good!

  3. I use a foam roller...but I think I desperately need to add this to my list of 'wants'! I think it would be great on my guads!

    Thanks for the review Ali!

    1. I love how easy the Stick is...so much easier when you're in a rush than a foam roller!

  4. I like Nuun (electrolytes only) for a post-workout drink. And then I drink Tailwind for my sports drink during long runs, since I don't like gels. I don't like sweet drinks so both of these work well for me.

    I'm trying to make myself use my foam roller but I think I might have more success with The Stick!

    1. I had Nuun at Ragnar and it was pretty good, but I don't think I could drink an entire bottle of it.

      The Stick is definitely easier to motivate myself to use because it takes zero thought and is much quicker!

  5. Hmmm I was always thinking "I don't need a stick roller, I've got my foam roller!" But you make a great case for the stick one... focusing on the little areas. I think my IT band would hate/love this thingie!

    1. The foam roller is definitely still handy, but I love that I can travel with this and it definitely takes less time/commitment, on top of all the other great things you mentioned!

  6. I think I need to purchase a stick! My quads have been really "touchy" lately. Stretching is just not helping them!

    1. Especially as your runs get longer in preparation for your marathon (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), I think the Stick would be super helpful!