Wednesday, November 13, 2013

After A Race

I don't know about you guys, but after a big race I get re-bitten by the running bug. Training can really burn a runner out, but once the race is over, the high comes back with a vengeance.

Of course, if you're me, you're going to be really diligent about resting this time around, especially because of that damn lingering cold. So how do I satisfy my running urges?
First red cup of the season: egg nog latte! And they actually spelled my name right!
I splurge on expensive coffee and go shopping.
I'm so glad they finally make this in a roll-on! I also spent quality time with a heating pad, tennis ball, and foam roller.
I noticed I basically run all my races in the same top; I love it, but I'm getting a little tired of the photos. So I went to TJ MAXX and scored some comfy New Balance and Nike tops. I love brand-name running clothes at discount prices!
Under $15? Yes please.
I tried on the purple and loved the fit so much I grabbed it in blue, too.
Then, hearing that Old Navy was having a sale, I splurged on a new long-sleeved running top and singlet. I also snagged some new socks because I think it's time.
Breathable, cushiony, supportive. The best of all worlds!
I've worn them for volleyball this week and I'm already loving them.
Official race photos were finally posted. As usual, they're super awkward. I feel like the clothes I like to race in photograph to give the illusion that my head is abnormally small for my body.
Hey awkward-hand, watcha doing there? Just hanging out?
Oh I see, it was halfway up to become a peace sign. Original.
Well, actually, my head is abnormally small...hats rarely fit maybe these capture my true self after all!

 I look forward to the day when I have big, chiseled runner's thighs. That day is not today.
Admittedly, this one isn't so bad. Maybe I should run all my races with my arms up at all times.
On the radar now is...a 5k Turkey Trot (just for fun), officially beginning Ragnar training, and maybe a half that literally runs past my parents' house. It's pricy, but the route couldn't be better! Plus, I think I owe myself a strong, good half after the last one. The half is part of a challenge I'm considering signing up for.
I'm tempted to do all three, but likely can't make it to the 5k.
How do you deal with post-race blues?
Do you like to bargain shop? What's the best deal you've found lately?
Does anyone ever have good race photos? Like, c'mon now.
Icy/Hot, Tiger Balm, or BioFreeze?



  1. I love TJ Maxx and thos tops are super cute! Your race photos are great! I just looked at mine from the Savannah half and I have like five chins in each one. Ugh! It is so true about getting motivated after running a race. I really didn't train for the Savannah half because I just wasn't really into it but since I ran it I have gotten really into running again and have already signed up for four races !

    1. I left out a lot of the super awkward photos where it looks like I'm standing still/have no jaw/have T-Rex arms lol.

      I love how a race can be so motivating!

  2. Oh my gosh! All of those running clothes are adorable. I need some new clothes too. Thanks for the reminder! :-D I totally have the racing bug, I just haven't found one that I want to spend money on yet!

    1. I'm always in need of new running clothes hehe.

      Whoever said running is a cheap hobby never saw a runner's race wish-list haha. I hope you find a good one!

  3. You look great!! I have a ton of awful racing pics but I've discovered that Duathlons are my friend b/c you really can't look bad on a bike!! I love BioFreeze and the roll on? YES! So cool that you found that many awesome tops (that fit!) for a bargain. That never happens to me!!! Good luck at your turkey trot:-)

    1. I should test this pictures-on-bikes theory, because I feel like you're onto something here.

  4. Those are great new clothes!

    Tiger Balm, all the way. I've never even tried those others.

    1. I do love TB...I find the smell a lot less offensive that Icy/Hot!

  5. Hahaha!! "Running... where all you need is shoes."

    ... every 400 miles
    ... and double-layer socks
    ... and brimmed hats
    ... and sports bras every 6 months
    ... and OH! CUTE! a top that matches my [ferociously neon] shoes!!
    ... and compression socks
    ... spibelt
    ... medal holder.....


    Arnica gel is my new favorite thing. It's JUST as effective as Biofreeze or Tiger balm, with absolutely NO smell!!

    1. haha it's so true, running becomes SO expensive...not to even mention races!

      I've heard good things about Arnica. I may try that next time! Biofreeze doesn't seem to have a smell to me, though!

  6. I love your new running tops especially the blue one! I love getting running clothes at a discount but I hate the disorganization at places like TJ and Ross. I really should just suck it up and go to save $$$$ but the way everything is so well organized at a regular sporting store makes me feel so much more calm and happy haha.

    After my half I got a massage and the person used CryoDerm Myofascial Cream -- she explained it's like Biofreeze but stronger. Apparently you have to be a licensed massage therapist to buy it. Since I've never used Biofreeze I can't compare but this cream definitely did the job!

    1. I like to shop at running stores to support them, but once in awhile I just need a cheap fix. Sometimes there's literally nothing good there - or like everything will be cotton - but I got really lucky this time.

      That cream sounds like serious business!

  7. I love all your new running clothes!!

  8. Very cute workout tops! I've never been to TJ Max. I don't think we have it here in Canada??? I think your race photos are great! I am totally envious of the palm trees in the background. Where I live, the trees have no leaves left! We're prepping for Winter in these parts, lol.

    1. I wish we'd have some winter vibes around's still in the 80s! I've never missed fall so much!

  9. You my love are so beautiful!!!!!!!! :)
    After I ran my first half, I was bite by the racing bug. That is why I signed up for my second half so quickly. I never even stopped to think about being burnt out. But I did that second half for me and it was an amazing journey!!!!!!

    YOU GO GIRL! :) :)
    Keep spreading the running love!

    1. I'm so happy that my next races are all DIFFERENT...So while I'm still in "training" mode, I get to change it up and follow what feels natural. I'm thinking that will prevent burnout!