Thursday, June 20, 2013

Handling Honkers

During my run today, I had the honor of being yodeled at by a bunch of teenaged boys hanging out of an RAV4. My usual response to this in the past has been a quick flip of the bird.
Listen, if he can do it, I can do it. Best role model ever.
The problem is that, as a teacher, I feel like I'm kind of expected to be "on" at all times. There's definitely a possibility that one of these days, a former student, student's sibling, or even a student's dad will be the one behind the honk.

Maybe I should learn to take it is a compliment. When I pass runners while driving, I have to squash the urge to honk and yell out the window, "Go, runner, go! You rock!" Maybe I should just assume the honk is pure-intentioned.
The problem with having a reaction at all is that by the time I muster a response, the car is long gone and I'm left gesticulating to thin air and the occasional squirrel.
Or the occasional lolcat.
What do honkers want, anyway? It's not like they're looking for a response. They're not pulling over to start a conversation.

I've noticed a trend in honkers, of course. During early morning runs (before the sun is up), honkers are scarce, as if they know that someone running at 4am means serious business. Afternoon and early evening is the top time for honkers; on a mere 3-miler, I've counted up to 8 honks on a good day. As the sun sets, even creepy honkers seem to realize that nighttime honking could be taken as malicious.

Left with the choice to curse, wave, or ignore, I tend to choose ignore. And I might consider updating my wardrobe, if I didn't think it would bring the wrong kind of attention.
Can I get this in a lady's tech tee?
What's your response to honkers?
Do you ever honk at or shout encouragements to runners while you're driving?



  1. I hate it when people honk. If nothing else, it scares me when I'm somewhat "zoned out" I don't ever honk or shout encouragement, because I don't like it so I don't do it to other people.

    1. I think the worst is when you physically jump because you're surprised, and then they know they're gotten a reaction from you. I refrain from honking for the same reason!

  2. I haven't ever experienced a honker, but I would probably end up blushing, looking away from them, and tripping
    I don't drive, so I can't honk, but I try to give a thumbs up or a wave to a runner or cyclist

    1. You're lucky! Honkers are definitely distracting and trip-inducing.

  3. I always look to see who the honker is. Clearly I'm judging a book by its cover but depending on what the person looks like I tend to categorize them as: annoying and immature or a fellow runner providing encouragement. The first time I was ever honked out I actually assumed the person was making fun of me "hey slow runner, looking at you running slow, I gotta honk and point out how slow you are!" but then I saw their 26.2 bumper sticker and realized it was probably an encouragement honk.

    1. It's probably smart to wait and see who it is. Once I flicked off a honker and it ended up being my husband lol.

  4. "Can I get this in a Ladies' Tech T" is something I find myself saying WAY too often!! Love it!!!!