Saturday, May 25, 2013

Pardon My Streaking

Given that my first day of marathon training is set to begin July 7 and I'm still just getting back into it after a few weeks off, I've decided to participate in the Runner's World Summer Streak.

My streak will need to be edited a bit due to summer traveling and jury duty, but my goal is to run 34 of these 39 days. (I know that's not really how a streak is supposed to work, but I like to make my own rules!)

The streak begins Memorial Day, and that's an easy enough day to begin. I'll be traveling for a wedding in mid-June, so depending on flight times and my parents (who are in charge of our travel plans), I may miss a day or two that weekend. (It's also possibly the last time I'll ever be in town to see my grandparents, so obviously visiting with them trumps running.)

On July 2 I have jury duty, so depending on how that works out my streak may be interrupted. (Although I'm off for summer and may seem like a perfect candidate, I'm thinking my tendency to have an opinion on everything and to immerse myself in news and political debates might get me rejected.)

This will be the first streak I've ever even tried participating in! I'm trying to be realistic about it, but I'm feel pretty enthusiastic right now. I'm excited and ready to go!

In other news, Matt and I sold our Hummer (his business car) for a Mini Countryman. I hate car-buying, but we did a lot of shopping around and ended up with exactly what we wanted and the best deal possible.
Out with the old, in with the new!
We got the new car yesterday and are head-over-heels in love!

I could barely contain my excitement on the ride home!
The car is eye-catching, good on gas, and spacious enough for Matt's business. It's the perfect exchange.
It may not be yellow, but it definitely stands out!
What's the longest running streak you've ever done?

How do you balance travel with your running schedule?



  1. i love your new car!!! you really did a 180 on your new purchase with the last ride!

    1. Thanks! There was a time we had a SmartCar and the about being on both ends of the spectrum! We're happy to have a more fuel-efficient choice, that's for sure.