Thursday, April 25, 2013

Style Faux Pas

I sometimes wear my compression socks to school. Today was one of those days. I usually wear my purple ones, because they blend nicely with the shoes I prefer to wear to work after running.

Today, of course, I was running late. Without time to find my purple socks in the dark, I grabbed the first pair I could find.

The students could see just enough to notice and comment on the color choices.
Clashing in all their glory.
Clearly, this is avant garde style right here. I probably got about a million comments on them; most were complimentary.

They liked the bright colors, scoffed at the idea of trying to match your socks to your outfit, and thought the color scheme of the socks looked like olives.

Maybe I should wear these when I go to DC with the kids next week. I mean, after all that walking, I'll probably need them.

What fashion "mistakes" do you make in the name of running?

Seriously, how bad is this look?



  1. that look is awesome. never apologize. i've tried to pull of sports bras and running tanks everywhere :)no shame!

    1. The more I look at it, the more I like the color combo haha

  2. I try to wear my "recovery" shoes (Nike Free's) or old running shoes pretty much every day to make sure my feet stay unstressed - so sometimes I am more casual in my footware than the rest of my outfit would suggest. I do keep a pair of comfortable "pretty" dress shoes at work, though, just in case.

    Wow is all I have to say about the color combo. :)

    1. I used to be able to wear heels to work all the time, but running really got in the way of that. I feel you on the comfy/casual shoes.