Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Paris Marathon Goes Green

I started working on a post about being a gluten free runner - not because of paleo or the misconception that cutting out gluten will help me lose weight, but because I was diagnosed with Celiac when I was 11. Halfway into the post, I realized I had too much to say, not enough focus, and not nearly enough pictures. So, I've shelved it for now, to be dealt with another day.

Instead, I bring you fun/wacky/genius running news!

The Paris Marathon plans to use the energy from its runners to fuel batteries that run the display screens and other electronics along the race route.

To me, this is just astounding. People talk about "green" races and figuring out ways to cut down on the impact big races can have on the environment, but discussion usually stops at providing more garbage cans and encouraging runners to carry water with them. But harvesting the energy output of the runners themselves? That's just amazing!

I mean, we all know we expend energy on a run, but who would have thought that this same energy doesn't need to be "wasted" and left out on the route?

I'll be honest, I try to be environmentally friendly, but I rarely check to see how green my races are. I figure as long as the volunteers clean up the cups I drop (I try to aim for a garbage bag!), I'm not making a huge impact. But if thousands of runners feel that way, we could be overlooking the damage to which we're unintentionally contributing.

In 2008, Runner's World released a slew of articles about races being detrimental to the environment, and finding the greenest races available...but there hasn't been much lately. Is saving the environment out of vogue these days? Maybe the Paris Marathon's actions will spearhead another wave of environmental consciousness among race directors.

In other news, I'm toying with the idea of running the Key West Ragnar...Could be fun, or could be suicidal, especially if I still plan on doing my first full marathon in November this year.

But still, it would be an awesome experience.

200 miles...Sounds like cake. www.ragnarrelay.com
Have you ever done an overnight relay race?

Does the environmental impact of a race affect whether or not you want to participate?



  1. Interesting use of energy! Would love to power my house with my workouts!
    Emma @ amomrunsthistown.com

    1. That would definitely be a good incentive to workout!

  2. Ali!!! We are just finalizing our Ragnar team for Madison to Chicago. It's AWESOME!! Relay racing is just insane fun. It'll beat out of you any concern for your 'time' for any particular distance. The key is to find 11 other people who are fun and awesome (or at least the other 5 in your van).

    1. I'm officially signed up! The team is aiming for fun, not timing, so I'm super excited! I can't wait; I have such a good feeling about this!!

  3. I've looked at them but I would want a team like yours- fun not timing.

    You're going to have a blast!! :) I've had multiple friends do it and they LOVE them.

    1. I'm super excited! Our team was put together pretty randomly, so I'm glad we're all on the same page about not having a set time goal.