Thursday, April 4, 2013

New Blog Pages

Things have been slow this week as I've been focusing almost entirely on babying my leg for my 10k this Sunday and revamping my lesson plans for my TPE (teacher performance evaluation). I was finally observed today, so I can ease up a little bit and relax. Of course, today we were delivered a torrential downpour and tornado warnings, so a run might be out of the question.

So this update is really just to direct your attention to the row of tabs just above this post. I have added two new pages in the last week. The "Memoir" contains the story of my first successful run and my love-affair with running. It's the story I mentioned reading to my students that resulted in some of the kids wanting to learn to run.

You know you want to read a hot, steamy love story about a girl and her sport.
 The other tab is "What I'm Reading." I've split the blogs there into two sections: running related, and everything else. If you're finding yourself with some downtime and need some reading recommendations, might I suggest you mosey over to that page and check out what's holding my interest these days?

What blogs are you reading lately that you just love? Share them in the comments!

What is your first memory of running?



  1. First memory of running is gasping for breath after only a minute of my life! Hooked on running now! Blessings! I am reading a lot of different blogs as I am in the A-Z Challenge hosted by Arlee over at

    1. I used to try to run on the treadmill before I "became a runner", but I could never go farther than .15 without walking. Part of it was that I didn't understand pacing!

      The challenge looks interesting. I'll have a look.

  2. Just found your blog that ill love to start reading :) maybe you'll love mine too- Glad I found ya!

    1. Hi, welcome! I'm glad I piqued your interest :o) I'll check out your blog!