Wednesday, March 6, 2013

So Far This Week

If there is one reason I need a smartphone, it's to take pictures on the run.

Last night M and I met up with the 6 Weeks to 6 Miles group I mentioned last week, and on the way I gave him one, one, directive.

"You'll have to take some pics of the run for me for my blog."

He didn't even complain. He was totally fine with that. But by the time we finished our 3-miler, complete with chatty friends and distracting scenery, we were photoless. M had completely forgotten to take even one picture, and I had forgotten to remind him.

So this is all I've got:

Post-run leg-shot. Super.
I'm really enjoying this group. It's very much about going at your own pace and just focusing on the basics. The people are friendly, and the accountability is keeping us going. One of the girls I cooled down alongside is a physical therapist opening a practice nearby with focus on sauna, dry heat, and athletic massage. Sign me up!

The "coach" this week is someone M and I have met before, and he and I got to talking about the route. It's a nice little sidewalk along a main road, but it's beautifully paved and tree-lined. The entire loop is six miles, and as we got to talking, I mentioned that I was looking for trails and new paths to run. He had the most brilliant idea ever: go to a bike shop and get a free trail map. Genius! I'm really excited to do this.

Also, apparently my favorite running store, Fit2Run, has opened a location right near me! Before, I could only shop there when I visited my parents. I am so excited...I'm tempted to look for work there just for the chance to be surrounded by running paraphernalia all day!

The running group meets about half an hour from us, and on the drive home we often take the chance to stop at Trader Joe's or Whole Foods, since they're on the way and we don't get a chance to go otherwise. I was very excited to pick up some of my favorite-but-hard-to-find brands, and some new products. I miss Pop Tarts so much; I have no clue why. These new Glutino toaster pastries are AMAZING.

Schar is one of the BEST GF brands out there, and these "pop tarts" are flaky and just sweet enough. Perfect!
I have been looking for GF Pop Tarts since college at least. I'm so glad I won't need to experiment with baking them from scratch unless I want to. I can't tell you why I've wanted these; maybe the convenience. But I had one of each flavor for breakfast this morning because I've been too congested to have milk, and they were just what the doctor ordered.

(Someday I'll do a post on being gluten free...someday.)

Speaking of doctor's orders, I've been battling a nasty bug for the last couple days. I took Monday off work, wracked with teacher-guilt the entire time, but I just couldn't breathe well enough to teach. I finally started coughing junk up Monday night, and was well enough to run Tuesday evening, so hopefully I'll be 100% by the Komen race on Saturday, followed by a baby shower for one of my best friends! (My first middle school friend and bridesmaid to procreate! Very exciting!)

This is shaping up to be a pretty good week.



  1. the fact that you put this line in your blog is exactly why we're friends. :)

    I finally started coughing junk up Monday night