Wednesday, January 23, 2013


If there's a such thing as a link-hoarder, I am definitely one of them. I click anything that looks remotely interesting, and often keep the window open until I feel I've really learned the information or have shared the article around with enough people. Right now I have 10 tabs open in Firefox, and many of them are days old.

The good news is that many of these are running links. I don't want to close them in case I can't find them again and am in desperate need. How will I ever know where I filed that article on the Seven Most Common Running Injuries? My bookmarks are cluttered and unmanageable. Once I bookmark an article, it's gone. Out of sight, out of mind.

So to remedy this situation, I bring you a kind of potpourri of a post. It will set my mind - and my browser - at ease, and have the added benefit of sharing a bunch of stuff I think needs sharing.

To begin, I'm keeping a few blogs open that I've been following semi-religiously.  Shut Up + Run has been around what seems like forever. SUAR is funny, blunt, and not afraid to let it all hang out. If you want an uplifting running-related read daily (and aren't afraid to hear the gross side of running), definitely check it out. (Two of her most-viewed posts are "How to Not Crap Yourself on the Run" and "20 Things No One Tells You About Running". She also occasionally does give-aways of great running gear.)

Hungry Runner Girl is another lighthearted blog run (no pun intended) by a seasoned distance runner (and new mom). I like that her posts always touch on running, but also include non-running daily-life stuff. (This blog makes me wish I had an iPhone to run with, or a tiny running-friendly camera...Oh, and mountains. It makes me wish I had mountains.)

For another blog that follows that tendency, Go Crow Go! is a mostly-running-but-sometimes-not blog that is more about personal growth and the journey. It's akin to my blog, and I like seeing inside someone else's head as they take the highs and lows of running in stride. Run Fat Boy! Run! is another such blog. His story, personal struggles, love for his family, and amazing endurance in the face of difficulties makes this blog worth the read.

I recently read this article on Yasso 800s and their magical ability to predict marathon time. I wish I could post the video straight to this post, but if you're interested, follow the link. It's an awesome concept and a workout I definitely want to try over summer.
Finally, I watched this TEDxTalks video featuring a long-distance runner/cardiologist with some interesting theories on running speeds and distances. Data seems to show that running is beneficial, but moderation is key. This isn't going to get me to stop running long distances, and the point isn't to tell us not to run marathons. But when it comes to running and health, this 18-minute video shares a lot of useful knowledge.


On a final note (I mean it this time), I woke up today with absolutely no muscle soreness and without any knee pain. Using my foam roller and flat-band have really helped my ITBS. I am so excited to start training again this week. I will definitely post some awkward photos of my new exercise/recovery techniques sometime soon. For the greater good, of course, and because I love a little public humiliation.



  1. Wow! Thanks!

    And I look forward to the photos, I need to get more serious about rolling etc.