Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekly Report: Sept. 24 - Sept. 30


Was it really only two months ago that I was trying to set the goal of 10 miles/week? Trying, struggling, and often falling short? And now...get this folks: this month I ran nearly 70 miles. When I go back through Nike+, I see a really beautiful thing. Take a look:

July Stats
Aug Stats
In July and August, I ran consistently, but my miles were much lower. When I went back to work in August, K and I began our early-morning runs, and that really helped to keep me on track. Her return from maternity leave has been, I think, the biggest influence in this progress. Who knows how long I'd have kept running 2-milers otherwise?
Sept Stats

But this week was by far the best. I know that by the time we're Half-ready, we'll be running about 35 miles a week, and now I'm truly seeing how this is plausible. As K pointed out, our long runs have begun to make her truly feel like a long-distance runner, and I agree. I can kind of see how people tackle full marathons, now. Seeing your miles go up is truly addicting and totally rewarding.

My week was so successful that DailyMile called it "epic"! Now that's saying something.

As for today's run, we finally did some bridgework. We ran a new route that made both of us happy - even ecstatic. You see, this route includes the bridge we've been talking about running. One of the benefits of the bridge, beyond the obvious, is that conquering it as part of a 4-miler (in under 40 minutes!) has completely boosted my confidence yet again. Coming off last week's disappointing runs, I couldn't be happier to have challenged myself and come out so strong!

I continue to be grateful and amazed at what my body can accomplish. And now, facing a 5k on the grass on Saturday, I know I'll be fine. I may be slower because of the terrain, and I may even have to walk some, but I know it will help boost me toward my goal regarding the Half. I am just excited to keep pushing through these challenges!

And now...onto the actual report:

Feels good!


PS: On another epic note, my sister, running her second 5k ever, came in just over 28 minutes. So exciting!!

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