Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekly Report: Oct. 1 - Oct. 7

This week I didn't upload my .6 mile warmup pre-5k, so the numbers show a little lower than they were in reality. This was a week where our schedule got messed up and we thought it would be "light", but I'm beginning to notice that long runs obliterate any possibility of running a scant 12 or 15 miles in a week. Case in point, we ran 12 (including our race), which was our "light" week, but then did a long run, bringing us to 20. I'm very happy to stay around 20 miles, although I think by Half-time, we'll be around 25 or more.

After our 8-mile long run Sunday my knees have been a little twinge-y. They ached in the last few miles of that run, and then this morning we did 2.6 and they ached during that, too. It's not my IT band; the ache is central to the knee cap and a bit low. I need to look up some stretches and get back to the gym - I only went once last week.

Next week we're taking a break from an official long run to run our first 10k. Very excited! I'm feeling really confident about November's Half.

Also on the wish list: a good Turkey Trot near home (post-Half) to run with my sister.

Finally, a shout-out is due for SF and DC, two friends of mine who ran (respectively) their first full marathon and their second Half. SF completed her marathon is just over 5 hours, which is super impressive to me, and DC killed her Half PR by 8 minutes! Excellent work, ladies!


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