Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekly Report: Sept. 3 - Sept. 9

This was a good week. I like that, as mileage increases, 4 days of running still accomplishes solid miles. This week we're up to 4-milers. When we hit five, we plan to start working in long runs. Our Half is in late November, so we're right on track. No weight-training this week, though. I need to get back to the gym this week because my knees have been twinging a bit.

I was reading an article on marathon training using a 3-days-a-week schedule. While I think that's cool, I have to wonder about it. I mean, I crave running; I wouldn't be satisfied with three days a week. But when you're at that level, you're running for the race, not for the run itself. I guess that's just not really the kind of runner I am, which then begs the questions: how many types of runners are there?



  1. I used to only focus on running to prove something to myself as well as others...after all I am 41 and a recent cancer survivor...but after my injury 15 weeks ago my perspective on running has changed I only want to run because I can...I want to enjoy it for a long time to come! Running is where I find my strong...I no longer feel the need to prove anyone, including me!

    1. I love that running, for many, begins as a way to prove something...but for those that really love it, it becomes a love affair of sorts. Running IS where we find our strong. Your story is so inspirational!