Sunday, August 12, 2012

Race Season

Summer is slowly drawing to a close. The first sign of that here is that the blazing heat of the day has been very mild when the sun has gone down. The humidity isn't nearly as stifling as it was in June. With these first signs that fall is approaching comes the excitement of the beginning of race season.

I have been attempting to run a race a month this year, and my goal is to run a Half in November (and then again in February, but that will technically be next year). Building up to that Half, there are quite a few races K and I would like to run. We're going to put together a race calendar that will allow us to plan in advance and stay motivated all year.

Our biggest mistake with the Half we ran in 2010 was a lack of training. We went into the race not having run in months. This year, we don't want to make the same mistake. We want to be running and racing consistently.

So as far as races go, here are some we're interested in:

September 1: Legacy 5k       Results
October 6: Lexington Cares 5k
October 13: 10k Race for F.I.S.H
October 27: Race the Roof 8k
November 18: Women's Half Marathon
December 15: Frosty 5k
February 10: Rock 'N Roll Half Marathon

Many of the winter races that will pop up haven't been posted yet, so I'm waiting to see if there are any other 10k or 8k races in December or January. I'm going to need to start a savings fund for some of these, especially because if I actually do them all, I'm looking at a hefty price tag. I love that you can run for free; it just stinks that races can be costly.

I'm excited to have these goals in front of me. This has been a huge year for growth so far, and I'm excited to be successful this year. I think I'll look back at 2012 and think, wow, this was a great year for me where running was concerned.