Saturday, March 10, 2012

Komen 5k

Today was the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure! K and I donned our matching running gear, pinned on our bright blue bibs, and waited anxiously for the race to begin.

K and I finishing the race!
M and R, along with Little R, came to cheer us on. The first quarter mile was the toughest because of the sheer number of people. It's hard to set a good, solid pace when you're constantly dodging around people. And while I understand that not everyone is a seasoned runner, I have to wonder why so many walkers decided to sign up for the competitive race instead of the non-competitive run and walk.

A happy finisher!
Anyway, our goal was to come in at 33 minutes. The race route was set around an outdoor mall in our area, and the day was beautiful and perfect for such a run! There wasn't much shade, but the temperatures stayed in the 70s.

My knees felt excellent, and by the time I started to feel I was lagging, I only had 1k to go, which was all I needed to know in order to get my second wind. We sprinted the end of the run and crossed the finish line just under 32 minutes, beating our goal.

We're already looking for our next 5k...having a race to look forward to is a great motivator, and finishing strong is a feeling that just can't be beat!


PS: Official time was 31:41:60, with K finishing at 31:41:57!

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