Monday, February 27, 2012

Keeping A Promise

There's very little that's more satisfying for me than actually knowing that going without a run on a running day is simply not going to happen.

This weekend, M and I were a couple hours north of our home base for a family wedding. The wedding involved three days of celebrations; as we were part of the festivities, we were expected to be there. I was happy to go to the Thursday night ho' down (Thursday was my day off), and Friday saw us going nonstop and then spending a few hours at the rehearsal. The wedding party congregated at the best man's house afterward for cocktails and dinner.

Around 10pm, as we finally left the festivities, with the wedding day looming, I found myself 100% convinced that, despite my fatigue, I was going for a run. I whined the entire time I put my running clothes on, but dressed nonetheless. M kindly drove me to a well-lit area and agreed to wait in the car while I did my two miles. (He had hurt his legs at the gym earlier in the week, or would have come along.) So there I was, at 10:30 at night, running alone and feeling absolutely, totally, uncontrollably exhilarated.

It wasn't my best run. My pace wasn't awesome and I missed having K around to keep my mind occupied. The run ended at 1.6 miles and I ran the parking lot a few times to cap off at 2; the uphill slope there was unfamiliar and tiring. But I was so very pleased with myself. And beyond that, I felt satisfied. I had decided to run, it was a running day, I knew I wouldn't be running Saturday because of the wedding, and so late hours and busy schedules couldn't keep me down.

I very rarely experience something like that. It was a truly liberating experience, to put my run at the top of a priority list. I promised myself I'd find time for at least one run during the wedding weekend, and I kept that promise to myself.

Because that is really the bottom line, isn't it? Running allows you to take a moment for yourself, to step away from a busy or stressful day and focus on your own well-being. Keeping that promise says something about where my mindset is these days, and fills me with a sense of pride. You go, self, I want to say. You take care of your health. Go you!

I like to think that maybe this means I'm at the point where running has become a habit, and going without is almost painful. I definitely was craving the run Friday, and I'm hoping the craving doesn't abate.

On a slightly different note, K and I have signed up for the Susan G. Komen 5k here in our area. After the controversy with Planned Parenthood, I wasn't sure we'd go, but things have mostly been cleared up and it's a huge race with just the right distance, so there you go. I'm excited to have a race to look forward to.

Here's to another productive running week!


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