Monday, January 30, 2012


For today's post, how about a list? Things that inspire me to tie on the running shoes:

  • New running clothes.
  • Passing runners on my drive home from work.
  • DailyMile weekly running reports.
  • Perfect running weather.
  • Sitting all day. (This doesn't happen often, but on those rare teaching days that involve sitting, my legs are screaming for a run.)
  • My favorite jeans fitting just perfectly.
  • Looking at my running pictures.
  • Reading other running blogs or magazines. (Someday I'll hopefully remember to post some links here!)
  • Seeing other friends' running updates on twitter/facebook.
  • Music. (I always start a run on the same song, so it's become a trigger for me!)
  • Having a running dream.
  • Sore legs.
  • A bad day.
  • Adding songs to my running playlist.
  • Comments on my running updates on FB.
  • Looking at my 2009 running log on Nike+.
These are just a few...there's sure to be more that come to mind on my run tonight. What are your motivations, fellow runners?



  1. what kind of music do you listen to on your runs?

    ive been lacking serious motivation lately. :( i was sick & now i cant seem to get back into it!


    1. I have such a wide and crazy selection of music. When running alone, I really prefer "angry" music. My favorites are "Closer to the Edge" by 30 Seconds to Mars and "The Way I Am" by Eminem. (Hilarious, right?)

      I also like certain Florence & The Machine songs for running, as well as The Bravery ("Hatefuck" is my power song), Lit, 3Oh!3, Chevelle, some of the newer Matchbox Twenty ("How Far We've Come" is a good one), and Mary J. Blige (particularly "Work That").

      Here are some links to good playlists, too: